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Hi Elijay,

The mixture (water, coconut flesh, ginger paste, tamarind paste and tomatoes) is added back to the recipe in step 7 (when adding beef, salt and curry leaves). In the recipe, it's listed as the "reserved coconut milk mixture" as you are blending your own coconut milk.

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Help.. I am cooking the beef madras in the flavours of India cookbook.. there is a step missing. It doesn’t tell me when to add the tomato tamarind mixture back in ,that has been set aside.. does anyone know when I do this?

Hi bridgetphillis

The BCB has been specifically designed for the TM5, it uses speeds, temperatures and volume capacity that exceeds the TM31. So we do not recommend you use the recipes in the TM31.

Kind Regards

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Hi, I was wondering if the BCB can also be used for the TM31 or is it specific to the TM5?

Hey there.... I have heard that there are other adjustments that are required for the BCB. Is there somewhere to find a complete list? Apparantly the buttercream icing has the butter and icing sugar measurements mixed up and the soft buttermilk rolls has the wrong amount of buttermilk. Are there others? Is there a page that this is updated? I can see this post is a few years old.

Hi Cassandrafischer

Thanks for your post. If you have not already, followed the end of this thread to page 2, it gives you all the main updates need.

Kind Regards

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Hi there,

Is there a copy of all the BCB Amendments that I can print off and place in my book?



Mine were the same! Slightly sweet scones

Mine were the same! Slightly sweet scones

After hearing so many times how easy it is to make great scones in my Thermomix I am finally about to do so, only to find that there is no recipe for these famous buttermilk scones in the Basic Cookbook that came with my TM5.  I went through the book numerous times, but no, not there.  I phoned my sister-in-law and she tells me it comes under Buttermilk Bread in the index (she has a TM31).  No, nothing after Buttermilk bread, they have clearly been omitted.  Surely scones should have remained in the Basic Cookbook.  I have resorted to You Tube to find this famous recipe and method, but of course this means its also not coded onto the chip.  Very disappointing.

Mine were the same I am also interested to know what texture these are supposed to be in the book they look like bread rolls 

Hi Nothappywithmynewthermie,

Sorry to hear about these errors that you are experiencing. I have forwarded your contact details and this post to our service department and a member from the team will be in contact with you to further assist.

Kind regards,

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Hello my thermomix is another one to add to the continuing pile of Thermies playing up.

Mine keeps coming up with error C144 and then C160 which then force quits and shuts the machine down. Tonight 12 times I have tried to blend my soup which it was in the process of cooking when these errors occured. Also now the scales are not working correctly as they are either flashing 0000, or MAX or showing all the numbers going up and down constantly, and continue to do this regardless of ingredients being added in or subtracted from the jug. Tare does not reset it, nor does moving the cord in and out at the back of the machine or shutting it down and pulling out the plug for awhile.

Obviously this is a massive inconvenience to me, so I would appreciate you booking in my Thermie to reactify these problems.

Thank you,


Hi The Happy Kitchen,

20 g milk is used with the yeast.

Many Thanks,


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Please confirm quanitity of milk in brioche dough p236.  Thank you


Hi rainbird,

We recommend swapping the sugar and butter quantities around.

Kind regards,


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Sorry TM but in every recipe for butter iceing that I have - and they are many - the ratio of butter to sugar is always approximately half butter, or slightly more, to sugar.  You seem to have got the quantities reversed with more butter than sugar.

Hi Josieness

Thank you for your message. The notes listed for this cookbook are additional information for those recipes, but they do still work as written in the Basic Cookbook, they just have a slightly different conistency.

For the Poached egg recipe an additional 400g of water and additional 10g of white vinegar is required.

In the Home-style sponge recipe with the cream, inserting the butterfly whisk will assist in areation of the cream.

Kind Regards


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Its very disappointing all these discrepancies, having just paid nearly $100 for the chip and the book and delivery. I really dont want to have to refer to a list of discrepancies whenever i cook from the book or the chip. I think Thermomix should stop selling the book until they republish with corrections made and send out either a new book or chip to those that have already purchased. Afterall, since its more than one discrepancy, they are selling an item that is not fit for total purpose!

Hi fallondesmet,

As per step 3, we recommend proving the dough in a warm place until the dough has doubled in size.

if you prefer, once you have knocked the dough down, you can let the dough prove again for another half an hour before you knock it down again and then proceed with step 4. 

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I made the soft butter rolls the other night. I followed the recipe, and although they tasted nice they were the texture of a scone. Not sure if it needs to be kneaded longer or what would fix it? But they definitely arent soft rolls.


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Daniwillis wrote:

Is 'The Basic Cookbook' that came with my TM5 the same as 'The Everyday Cookbook'? 




it looks like it has some new additions. It also has a much better layout.


wish i could buy it, but doesn't  look like it is available

Hi . Just wondering how long I can keep thermomix mayonnaise in air tight container in fridge ? 

Hi alanawiggy,

Our recipe team have advised that the recipe is correct: 120g sugar and 250g butter. If you prefer a different recipe, you can convert your own traditional handmade buttercream proportions for your Thermomix.

Regarding the melting, unfortunately buttercream icing will melt off a hot cake, the cake must be completely cool before icing.

If you are not serving immediately, would then need to be refrigerated until ready to serve. We hope you find this information helpful.

We have also passed on your feedback on the Butter chicken in the recipe index. If you have any other queries or feedback, you are most welcome to send them to 


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Re the Buttercream Icing on pg 77 of the Basic Cookbook (and the Chip). 

Recipe calls for 120g sugar and 250g butter - Are these quantities correct??? This is very different to my normal (handmade) buttercream proportions. 

I made it as stated in the recipe book and it was terrible, just like sweetened butter really. Melted right off the cake when I took it outside!!


Also the index has an error, Butter Chicken is listed as pg 184 but it is actually on p164.

Thanks Smile 


Hi Jac123, 

In the Basic Cookbook recipe for Mushroom Risotto, 40g butter + 40g extra virgin olive oil.

Alternatively,  if you only want to use butter in this recipe, please use a total of 50g of butter in place of the above.

And if you only have extra virgin olive oil, please use 50g of that in total in place of the 40g butter and 40g extra virgin olive oil.


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Is the mushroom risotto meant to be a total of 50g butter/ oil or 80g please?

Hi  there

Found TeeCeeLee's comments interesting. I have found that what the chip says re temp  and what the TM actually gets to is now the same. It often heats to at least 5 to 10 degrees less that it says it was programmed for?   Note sure why or if my new machine is faulty??


Could I please have an updated list of discrepancies....

I'm not surprised there are so many discrepancies/errors on the chip - just look at the page number you have quoted above for the Poached Eggs... In my cookbook it says page 84 not 86. I am very annoyed by the lack of care given to proof reading. Just under that... "Plesae" ???  Oh plaese,paIease, puloice we should be able to just follow the chip like it was intended without having to correct the cookbook also

Hi TeeCeeLee,

Thank you for your post. Your feedback will be passed on to the team.

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Cream of Mushroom Soup

We followed the recipe on the Chip where it said to cook it for 8mins @ 100C. It took a very long time to increase the heat and at the end of 8mins had only reached 85C. We used milk cold from the fridge for this recipe as required.

Apart from the temp descrepancy we found the soup to be thin and lack lustre in flavour. I thought you should know, in the case there could be an error with this one too.

Hi How15,

Sorry to hear about that. We have tested this recipe in-house several times and have not experienced boiling over. We will PM you for more details to trouble-shoot.

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Tonight I made the beef stroganoff.  I followed the recipe exactly using both the chip and recipe book as my reference.  When getting to the second 10minutes of cookong in the recipe the thermomix overflowed.

Hi Cath,

That's such a help.

Thank you.


Hi Dani,

I just finished a comparison of contents of both cookbooks which might help with your question. Sorry, I can't upload the pic here atm but its just gone up this morning on my TM5-specific FB page at

Please like and share if you enjoy it Smile



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Is 'The Basic Cookbook' that came with my TM5 the same as 'The Everyday Cookbook'? 



Hi Cath,

Yes, for the variation, please add the chicken in at step 6. We have conveyed your feedback to our Recipe Development team.

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Can you please clarify the variation to mushroom risotto in the basic cookbook; it says to replace mushroom with chicken in step five but mushroom isn't actually added until step six. could you please explain when to include the chicken?




TM5 Thermo group -

ps - apologies if this has come through twice, I sent one last night but it hasn't appeared yet so not sure if it hasn't worked or if there is just a delay.

New FB page for TM5-related tips, advice, conversions and recipe sharing

Hi everyone,

If you have obtained the Basic Cookbook and Recipe Chip, here are the notes to accompany. The below are notes on discrepancies between what is printed in the cookbook and displayed on the recipe chip.

Recipe Chip

Meat stock paste (pg. 64):

The quantity of red wine to use is stated as 30 g on Recipe Chip. For the best results, we recommend increasing the quantity of red wine to 120 g red wine as per the Basic Cookbook. ‘The recipe will work with both quantities of wine, the paste will simply be drier in consistency when using 30 g red wine as per the Chip.’

Chicken stock paste (pg. 66):

The quantity of Mixed white roots and vegetables is listed as 200 g on the Recipe Chip. We recommend increasing the quantity of mixed white roots to 300 g as stated in the Basic Cookbook. The recipe will work with both quantities of vegetables, the paste will simply be drier in consistency when using 200 g vegetables as per the Chip.

Poached eggs (pg. 84)

Please add more water to the mixing bowl until the basket is sufficiently filled so that the eggs can be properly submerged in the stirring water.

Heating times for the water will need to be increased accordingly until the water boils. For the best results, please ensure the water is boiling before adding the eggs. (Cookbook and Recipe Chip)

Meatloaf with mushroom sauce (pg. 136-138):

Switch to manual cooking mode after adding final sauce ingredients and cook 2 min/80°C/Reverse/speed 1. The sauce will still work without the final cooking time it will simply be a thinner consistency. 

Herb and garlic pull-apart (pg. 228)

To reserve the buttermilk from your butter to use in other recipes, strain your butter at the end of step 2. (Cookbook and Recipe Chip)

Home-style sponge cake (pg. 316)

Please insert butterfly before adding your cream in step 8. (Cookbook and Recipe Chip)

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