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I’m after recipes for ph@tt diet 500 calories a day I need to meal prep can anyone help I own tm5 thank you

if you type in low fat diet there are over a hundred recipes that will pop up ....... its all there if we look

Yes, please. 400 calorie cookbook would be wonderful.   Considering that a large percentage of our population is obese.  Help us all please.  Thank you for listening.  It would be a BEST SELLER!

I've just purchased my Thermomix and have come to the Home Page hoping specifically to find a low-cal or low card or high protein etc cookbook and am disappointed not to find one.  I would buy one in a flash if it were available!  

Also, I would love it if the non-English recipe books (and chips) were translated and available to English speakers.

Oh this would be so good - what a great idea Love

I love the idea of a <400 calorie cookbook.   Smile

Me to im getting my thermomix on the weekend and would like a healthy low cal cook book!! 

Agree with this suggestion.

I agree. It would be wonderful!

It would be really handy to have a recipe book focusing on low-calorie recipes - I would buy it!

I have only had my Thermomix for ten days and I love it.  I have utilised the cook book supplied to me but I am concerned about the kilojoule content of many of the recipes.  I substitute with low fat products where possible.  I would love to access a TM cook book which focused on meals with a lower kilojoule content. Smile

I would love to ask all of you what your favorite cookbooks for the Thermomix cookers? I order mine next week and am so excited. I won't  get to use it unitl I get back home in October but it will be waiting for me there and I can be a part of this community and learn from all of you while I wait to get home. We are missionaries for our church so it's not all that bad. I am getting the TM5 and I first saw it over here in Sicily where we live. It is callled the Bimbi here though. I will order mine from a store in Canada where it is more condusive to our elecritical system in America. You are all so lucky to have store and demonstrations or parties, at least for those of you who do anyway. I guess the rest of us will be greatful for this community and YouTube to help us learn to use ours. Thanks for listening and if any of you would share tips and recipes please DO FREIND me so I can be learning while we finish up here in Sicily. Thanks everyone. Caio (means goodbye in Italian) Smile

Yes definitely would like recipes for main meals <400 calories and snacks approx 150 calories. 

agreed or a calorie count per serve - its the year 2015 so not a hard idea  Smile

the recipes should also be health concious & nutritious (ie not using fat free etc) 

Yes Please!!  I need one like this! 

Agree!  I would buy a cookbook with recipes under 400 or 300 calories in a flash.  I agree with the low carb philosophy, and don't fear good fats, but still like to keep my calories in check.  Smile


I too would be very interested in a low calorie cookbook!

It's no more a suburban myth reading fats, good one' I.e. Fyi the jimmy moore livinglavidia low carb show or dr. Perlmutter on is a good reference to have a look at, it'll change how one thinks about fats etc. good luck.

I will probably get a lot of flak with my comment but there is a new school of thought regarding weight loss with many scientists and nutritionists agreeing that  we should not be counting calories to lose weight, quite the opposite in fact. We should not avoid things like cream butter and animal fats etc, but we should cut the carbs and processed foods. The saturated fats keep you from feeling hungry and with light exercise create ketosis where the body burns stored fat. There was a very interesting show tonight (catalyst) on the abc that supports this theory, if interested look it up. whole foods are the key, avoid sugars and processed foods I

Smile Gee would be really interested in that.

one of my motivations to buy the thermomix (I'm still waiting for delivery!!) is to eat more healthily!!!!

I also want to lose weight and thought this plus my new gym programme would help. Great idea.


Let's face it, we're all watching what we eat these days and whilst the thermomix allows you to be much healthier, I still find that a lot of tghe recipes are in excess of 600 calories per serve.

They can be adapted but it would be nice to have a cookbook dedicated to those who would like to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle through keeping their meals at a lower calorie count.

A book of recipes containing 400 calories or less meals would be well received by me and I'm sure many others!