Forum Hello I'm a new TM5 owner. Does anyone know how to mute the sound?!

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Hi, I just got my Cook-key today and when it updated my TM5 and I go to sound I just give me an option to select whether I hear the synchronisation finished sound and the next button. I cannot adjust my end of cooking sound

Hi pjandmaow

We are sorry to hear this.

If your roommate has the Cook-key or their TM5 has had the latest software update, you could ask them to alter the TM5 volume and duration of the sounds. They can also alter the ‘next’ button sounds while they are there.

They can follow these instructions to make the alterations:

TM5 settings < sounds < finish sound < volume < low

TM5 settings < sounds < finish sound < duration < 10 sec

We hope this information helps.

Warm regards

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Housemate of thermomix owners here.

What sort of maniac designs a machine that makes SO MUCH FRICKEN NOISE!!!!!!!

Every day my when my housemates cook dinner (which they do every damn day) I basically feel like I would welcome death as a relief from this torture. I strongly consider the possibility that I may actually be better off homeless. This thing is literally unbearable.

Why do you need to play a full volumed four note arpeggio when a small beep or better yet a flashing light would do the job fine. Like for instance our microwave manages to notify us when it's done without causing suicidality in any residents of the house.

Thermomix you are awful.

Hi zmk

If your machine won't update, please call our Customer Service Team on 1800 004 838, they will be more than happy to help you with this issue and any other questions you may have.

Knd Regards

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Did you manage to get this resolved? I'm stuck with the exact same issue.

Purchased the Cook Key, the firmware version is stuck on 2016. It all works fine, except for this one specific feature which we'd like to unlock.

Hi Hot Chilli

If you have the latest update on your machine then you can lower the sound and you can also change the duration time for how long it keeps going.

You need to go into settings, then scroll down to sounds, you can change the sound from high to low.

Please feel free to call our Customer Service Centre for any queries or questions you may have on 1800 004 838

Kind Regards

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Just got my cook key in the mail today and updated the software and there is NO option to adjust the finishing sound!! The frustration is real... it's the main reason I bought it! Nearly $200 bucks to reduce a sound only to find out you can't is not on!!!!!!!!!

I just purchased the cookkey and updated the software and there is no option to lower or adjust the finishing sound. Just Synchronise and Next sounds????
Frustrated as this is the main reason I bought it.

Hi Thermomix. Just an update for others who may have the same question as me - the answer is: yes, you do need a cook key in order to connect to wifi and do a fireware update so that you can turn down the volume on the TM5. I rang up the customer service centre to confirm this, since your response didn't answer my question.

Hi Joolm

If you are a TM5 owner then you can go in adjust the sound, but if you are a TM31 owner then you can not change the sound.

If you are a TM5 owner your machine will come up with the option to update when you next connect your machine to wifi.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our Customer Service on 1800 004 838.

Kind regards

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Hi Thermomix - are you saying that you need to have a cook key to be able to get the update to the latest firmware version with the beep volume adjustment setting? How do I get the latest software without a cook key? Thanks.

Hi stephaniepeta

When there is an update, the next time you connect your machine to wifi it will come up and ask if you want to update. Once you update then you should have access to change the sound.

Any other questions feel free to contact our Customer Service Team on 1800 004 838, they are always happy to help.

Kind regards

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Hi Thermomix,

If my machine does not have the sound update, how do I get it? I would really love to be able to adjust the volume.

Thank you!


Thank you for your quick response.

That is great news.

Best wishes to all the Thermies out there and seeya.


Thermomix in Australia wrote:

Hi Paulfromvic

If you have the latest update on your machine then you can lower the sound and you can also change the duration time for how long it keeps going.

When you have your machine if you go into settings, then scroll down to sounds, you can change the sound from high to low.

Kind Regards

Hi Paulfromvic

If you have the latest update on your machine then you can lower the sound and you can also change the duration time for how long it keeps going.

When you have your machine if you go into settings, then scroll down to sounds, you can change the sound from high to low.

Kind Regards

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G’day everyone.

Newbie here and we get the awesome Thermomix in two weeks.

I wonder if the issue regarding turning down the sound has been resolved.

Best wishes to you all and I look forward to getting an update soo.


Any fix to reducing the sound level?

I also find it annoying that the noise doesn't stop even when I take the lid off, I have to touch the screen or press the knob. The TM5 knows when the lid is on/off, and it's pretty obvious that I'm attending to it when I take the lid off. But no, the thing keeps on beeping loudly! 

Even my 1/4 of the price oven timer stops beeping when I open the oven door!

The beeping is ridiculous and not necessary! I have been breastfeeding in another room to the sound of the machine letting me know something has finished boiling and it has been going on for half an hour! What possible benefit does that sound and at that volume have?! Please send us a fix to remove or at the very least lower the sound - if is overbearing and I'm about to throw the stupid thing at the wall! 

Haha I purchased the same rangehood because it's quiet, hubby unimpressed with how noisy this is


My new Thermomix is great but shocked as well at the loud alarm and the extremely short intervals between tones!

I would even pay to purchase an overide software thingo or whatever it takes to make it quieter.

Make it stop!!



A discovery to reduce the alarm... If you have the timer set to large and leave till the last second, then move dial to zero you don't get the noise.  It simply stops.  This is great when you are doing lot's of steps and hovering over the machine.  Not so helpful obviously if you are not in the kitchen, but then the alarm is helpful!  Hope this helps  Wink

Just got my Thermomix and have spent the last 2 weeks cooking up a storm... have to say the only negative is the alarm.  Otherwise I am in love with it!

I live in an apartment and the kitchen is only a few steps away from the TV.  As you can imagine Hubbie is unimpressed with the noise interferring with the TV especially the


Awaiting with interest to hear if Thermomox can please come up with a solution to give us some control over noise and volume to suit our individual needs.  

oh the ringing, the ringing. please make it stop!

I've trained my kids to turn it off, they are 6, 5 and 3.  They all know that red means hot too, so they will only tap a button and not touch anything else.  I'll have to train them to cook in it soon too......

I read all these comments with interest.  

I just received my machine this weekend and spent a while to find out how the volume of the finished beep can be turned down - not off - just down as it is very distruptive to "everyone" in the house - not just the cook!  It's heard over the TV, phone, through doors,  even from the other end of the house.  I love the Thermomix but DONT love the volume of the sound! Quarter volume would be quite sufficient.

Seriously...think you should be listening to this and other feedback Thermomix.

In response to official thermomix reply:

You're welcome. It's not a big deal, just becomes annoying when I am on the other side of the house trying to finish something and I can hear it dinging away waiting for me.

Recently my wife received her new TM5, but no mention of the annoying sound that you can't turn off or down.

After spending alot of money in our kitchen on a very quiet Schweigen Rangehood (motor and fan on roof), I have to endure this noisey machine. Might have to build a cone of silence to put over it.

Since when is an appliance/electronic device made that does not have a volume function?

Looking forward to a solution to the volume problem or I might have to open it up and cut the wire to the speaker one day!

PS I like Thermie, except the sound it makes on finishing a step!


I havent got mine yet, and I too have a baby in the house. I was wondering if it would hurt the machine by placing a couple of strips of gaffa or packing tape over the speaker... Im sure that would make a huge difference? IS the speaker underneath the unit? I think it was?

Kim Maree

I have had mine sine Christmas and have to thoroughly agree. The door bell sound is so annoying. Too loud by far. My husband hates it as it interrupts his TV viewing, and no, we do not get used to it!  Please turn it right down!

So glad I'm not the only one! I also have a newborn and the bell sound is just stressful! 

Hi antskis and Tmo,

We will convey your feedback on the buzzer to Vorwerk the manufacturer.

If you have any other concerns you would like addressed, please email

Thermomix Head Office

Yes please do something about this design flaw. We should be able to control the sound. I wont be recommending the thermomix until this is fixed. It's so annoying with a young baby!!!! 

Omg totally agree!!!!!! Mine is going off right now and I'm stuck on the couch feeding by baby - it's driving me crazy!!!!!

I love my machine, but the noise it makes is terrible. It wakes my baby up so I cant set the time when she's asleep. Please update the software! 

Hi Mel_66 and turn it off,

Thank you for your feedback. We will convey your feedback on the buzzer to Vorwerk the manufacturer.

If you have any other concerns you would like addressed, please email

Thermomix Head Office

Haha, completely agree!

i can't believe that on such an expensive machine there is no way to turn it off. And it is a source of stress that I can't get to the machine if i am feeding my newborn baby. It defeats the purpose of walking away.

fingers crossed they change it ASAP! 

I wonder if they will ever change it? 

I'm not a fan of the doorbell either. I'd be happy with one ding, and then silent.

Thank you, much appreciated. 

Hi Katmaloo, 

Glad it's not just me Smile

Apart from the really loud sound at the end of every step I love it. 

It does make me anxious though, if it finishes a step and I am upstairs and can't get to it straight away. Like this morning I had put some porridge on, and was upstairs getting my toddler ready, sure enough the machine started dinging. I couldn't run straight downstairs to turn it off and it just kept on going and going! it's just porridge. One ding would be sufficient and I'll get to it when I can. 

I really really hope there is some software change that they can do to fix it, I don't thing I can listen to the ding for the next 10-20 years! Lol



Hi Kya and katmaloo,

We will pass your feedback to Vorwerk, the manufacturer.

Thermomix Head Office

Hi Kya Im a newbie to! Ive gone mad with making heaps as well , love love love my thermie . Id like to know the same thing . thanks for posting Smile




Thank you for your reply. 

I really hope you do reconsider updating the software to be able to manually turn off the sound. It does not just DING at the completion, it dings after every step and if I am not in he kitchen standing over it to turn it off it can be very loud and disruptive. This means that I can't go upstairs to put a baby to sleep in fear that the machine will finish and DING the house down. 

There is no harm in letting the ingredients wait a few minutes until the user is ready to compete the next step.

 please please please reconsider. Smile



Hi Kya,

So glad to hear you are loving your Thermomix. 

The buzzer is a part of the features of your Thermomix and serves to alert you when cooking is done or a step is completed.

We are sure you and your family will come to associate the familiar sounds of the buzzer with the announcement that dinner is ready  Smile

Happy cooking!

Thermomix Head Office


I just received my new TM5 on Friday. I love it! I am so excited. Have made a bunch of things already. I do have a question, does anyone know if there is any way to mute the "Ding dong" doorbell sound after it has finished a step? It is driving me crazy already! Lol