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Hi janeoniele

Please feel free to call our Customer service team on 1800 004 838, they are more than happy to help.

Kind Regards

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Hi Jane

My cook key has been replaced and been using for the past 3-4 days and so far so good!

Sharyn Smile

I would love to know the solution also as this happens to me constantly and is annoying when you need to continually go through the set up screen - almost everytime I turn the machine on.


Happy cooking sharyn hopkins.

Thermomix Head Office

Thank you for your help, customer service made contact today and hoping we may have found a solution.


Hi sharyn hopkins

Sorry to hear this. Very strange.

We have passed your post onto our Customer Service team. Someone will be in contact to discuss with you further.

We hope to get you back cooking with your Cook-Key soon.

Warm regards
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Thermomix Head Office

Hi ladies,

I'm wondering if anyone else maybe having the same issue as I and if you have a solution.

When I remove the jug or replace the jug or increase the blade speed on my TM5 my Cook key quite often ejects itself. Not a problem in regards to following the recipe but is in the instance that I then need to go through the safety screens to get back to the recipe screen. I have been caught a few times where I'm milling at speed 8-9 and unable to turn the speed dial down/off as the screen locks then goes to the safety screen once the cook key regains connection.

C/S advise to check the prongs connecting the Cook Key are not bent or uneven and ensure that the Cook Key was clean and connection not compromised - confirmed with them that all was clean & prongs were in good order.

C/S advise that it maybe a software problem, but my problem is that Thermomix only release 2 updates in a 12 month period! and advised me to sticky tape my Cook Key to my machine for more secure fitting ... not the solution I was after and concerned of the safety if I find I'm blending soup or hot liquid at a high speed and the Cook Key decided to eject ... a safety concern I feel.

Disappointed a better solution is not available as my TM is used on a daily basis and the interruption to my "quick" cooking processes is annoying.