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Our Customer Service team has been informed and will be in touch shortly.

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Thermomix responded to my mention of TM5 scales and fix, writing to my email address, but while Thermomix addressed me as Jillymart52, the message appears to be for fark33!!

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Hi, I purchased the TM5 second hand after having had my TM31 for 8 years and no problems. Passed my TM31 to my daughter for her use and happily had instruction on use of TM5. Within a short time of use the scales ceased to function. Oh well, that's what you get when you buy second hand! Sought information on how to rectify the problem if I could and came across many complaints regarding apparent problem with scales in TM5 and service by Thermomix - oh dear. I contacted Thermomix who advised cost of $135 - postage to and return, complete service, re-calibration of scales and upgrade of software on machine. I felt the $135 would be well spent and within the week I had my TM5 returned and have since not had any problems. I can not fault the courtesy of Thermomix staff and the turnaround time in fixing and returning my thermomix. With the number of dissatisfied customers with similar malfunction scale of TM5, hopefully I will not have any further issues and get another few good years out of the TM5. Mind you, I so wanted to get my TM31 back, but how do I disappoint a daughter absolutely besotted with the hand-me-down thermomix!!

Please see my post dated 28 July 2021 and contact me via email

I have already flagged the same issue and Thermomix response with Consumer Protection in Perth. That was after Thermomix refused to refund my $135 rip off fee to rectify a known fault.

The additional information I requested from Thermomix has not yet been supplied (see my post) but to be fair that was only 24 hours ago. I have a related ticket number so follow up will not be difficult, though I expect getting the answers might be!


28 July 21. Received advice from Thermomix identical to many others on this Forum, that my 5 yr old TM5 scales were reconnected, calibrated and softwrare updated and machine to be returned all at a charge of $135. Like all the other posts on these Forum pages it is clear we are all being ripped-off paying for repair of a well documented manufacturing fault with TM5. I have again notified Thermomix in writing I reject their findings and asked for a refund.

Refund request has been formally rejected.

I have asked in writing that Thermomix advise:
How a connection can be disconnected by a user
For a photo of said connection, and
If a software (electronic) disconnection, then how a user can cause this.

I have also pointed out that a TM5 weighs around 8 kg. I have asked what sort of shock would the machine have to suffer to cause the scales to become disconnected.

There is a lack of logic in the consistant single response to everyone with this same complaint. Pay us $135 and we will fix it for you. Interestingly the supplied Thermomix Terms & Conditions document has no information on warranty for these repairs.

It appears that in some States, the same fault with scales is repaired at no charge, even for machines out of warranty.

I have already raised my concerns regarding this apparent well oiled rip-off by this company with Consumer Protection in Perth (1300 304 054. I strongly encourage others to do the same.

If anyone wants to pm me and combine experiences and future actions please use

Thanks for the email and invoice however I am not willing to pay $135 to have the scales fixed again

Thank you for your post adventuresofthermieandlouise.

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Agreed! Mine have gone twice and its such a hassle and expense sending it back

Hi surfergal and nzach

Sorry to hear you have experienced issues with your scales.

We have passed your posts onto our Customer Service team hoping to get you back using your scales as soon as possible.

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Agree. Mine are all over the shop. I've just resorted to using Kmart kitchen scales ! For such an expensive product it shouldn't be happening as often as it does. I've just given up now!

Hi, I was hoping someone will be able to help me as I am extremely frustrated with Thermomix Australia. I own a TM5 and once again my scales are not working. The first time it happened was not long after my purchase, so they were happy to have the issue rectified at no cost as it was still under warranty. It has now happened again and I have been advised that it will cost $135 to have it fixed, even though this is a known issue with this model. Has anyone had the same problem that they have been told to pay once the warranty has expired? Why are we expected to pay when this is a known issue? I feel that this is unacceptable by Thermomix Australia and looking at taking it further if this is not rectified free of charge. Not only do I need to box it up and send it off, but expected to pay for the known issue to be fixed. I don't think this is good enough from Thermomix Australia and would like to hear from others who have had the same issue and were not expected to pay.