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When I first joined the forum, I tried to post links and they wouldn't work. They do now, for some reason!

Skinflint . to insert a link i went to the page right clicked on it and copied it and just pasted it on the page. it was a miracle it actually worked :D i really had no idea what i was doing Wink it was just good luck. oh well you dont learn if you dont try Smile

Cause if you don't, it will automatically place the first few words of your post making it look like you're repeating yourself!!!

How did you get to post a link that's clickable? I can't work out how to do it. I even tried HTML!

Of course I don't mind!  Glad you liked it  Smile  I love how quick it is, so you can just make a small batch at a time (as well as the fact that you don't have to use heaps of sugar!!)  :D

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Hi Triciar, yes when ever it calls for zest of lemons or oranges just use your vegetable peeler to peel the fruit ( try not to get too much pith) and place it in the TM bowl. the dryer the zest the more easy it is to grate. make sure you have a really dry bowl too. in the strawberry jam recipe you mentioned, they actually want you to use just the flesh of the lemon. so you cut it all off with a knife and just leave the flesh, so dont put the zest in that one Wink

By the way there is a healthy 8 minute strawberry jam recipe from Jo's Quirky Cooking web site. its great and we made it at our festive class in Manning. i hope you dont mind me sharing Jo Smile

good luck



I was wondering if someone could clarify one of the terms related to using citrus peels e.g strawberry jam on page 145 uses 'zest' of one lemon and in other recipes the rind is called for and processed as per below.  I am assuming when calling for 'zest' it is when the rind is made into long strips but not processed as below. 

basic function: grating small pieces rind =10-20 sec on speed 8

I'v has my TM for two days and loving it.

cheers tricia