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Hi could someone addme to the 12wbt thermomixers private page please. I'm new to using a Thermomix so not able to convert any of the recipes. Thanks so much in advance. 

Smile I will be trying to convert some soon

Hi all


We cook from the michelle bridges cook books in Ernie,the thermie, by using the varoma to do all our steamed dishes, with chopping etc done before hand in the bowl.





Can you see these recipes if you are not on 12WBT? I really want to use the Thermo, which is being delivered tomorrow, for healthy meals so thought that 12WBT recipes would be a great start.


I cant wait to start using it. Cooking 1




Same same- just got my thermomix and just started 12wbt. A lot of the thermomix recipes are not 12wbt friendly so would be great to some of the 12wbt recipes converted to thermomix recipes!

Yes please! 

Im very new to thermo and also on 12wbt.  I need some help with conversions in cooking as well as good healthy recipes for my family! 


Hey guys, if you are on facebook there is a 12wbt page and they often covert recipies - hope this helps!  :) 


Hi Ladies, I have done two round of 12wbt. And am planning to do my third, and possibly my last. There doesn't seem to be any conversations yet, but just to clarify do you mean, cooking conversions or calorie conversions? I have started using a meal planner, and my fitness pal app's and am slowing doing the calorie conversions, so i can go solo after round 1, 2013.  Have just looked at the dates for you post, I hope you are both traveling well on the program, with the current round.  Happy to help if I can. I am on the flip side, just about to get my Thermomix and need to try and implement two Smile

Me too would be waiting for the recipe.



Hi has anyone come up with any 12WBT recipe suggestions?


Me too

I'm starting the Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation on Monday and would love to know if anyone has tried any of the recipes in the Thermomix.