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Tuna Mornay

Hi Katie,

Thanks for your recommendation re the tuna mornay. I made it for my family the other night and they loved it! I didn't have a tin of corn, so instead I used a tin of creamed corn and I also added a tin of asparagus. It was yummy! Smile Thanks again!

Our family also love the Beef Stew with Buttermilk Dumplings. So simple, but really delicious!

Liz Phillips


My Favourite from this book and such a quick and easy tart to whip up when friends are coming round for a coffee. No base Smile and the polenta forms a base on the bottom of the mixture.

delicious Bigsmile

Plum Clafouti

Hubbie and I just made a "tweaked" version of this.  We replaced the plums with fresh cherries and it turned out very well.  The batter is divine.

We halved the fresh cherries and put them in the base of a 22 x 17cm retangluar pyrex dish (couldn't find my pie dish).  We also substituted reduced fat thickened cream for the plain cream listed.

5 stars on taste.  The batter wasn't entirely cooked through, but this is probably due to the type of dish we selected.  This will certainly be made again and am keen to try it out with tinned fruit next time as I always have a tin in the pantry.  Very easy & quick to make.




So many recipes - so little time.....

This is a great idea Katie because I am always looking for feedback (good AND bad) so I can fine tune reprints. Thanks for that. Looking forward (I think) to what shows up on here and any other thread you start!


Hi all,

I wanted to start a topic on each of the recipe books where people could post feedback on postive & negative experiences with creations done from each book.  People can also detail any tweaks they may have used (i.e. added something extra, changed amounts, removed an ingredient)

I'll get the ball rolling for BB.

Tuna Mornay - 5 stars, truely sensational.  The lemon juice gives it a real zing, very, very tasty

Curried Beef Mince with Cabbage - 1.5 stars, very bland given all the spices added.  Was very disappointed.  I'd also reduce cabbage quantity to 1/8th or use 1/4 of a "small" cabbage - we had too much in ours.  Am not going to give up on this and will remake and up the spices & thinking of adding some tomatoes & also some kideny beans.

Baked Choc-Cinnamon Pudding - 3.5 stars - tasted good, but the rice didn't completely cook in the steamer basket.  The rice on the bottom was cooked perfectly, but the top layer was uncocked and hard.  Again, not going to give up on this and will try again and make a note to stir rice half way through cooking to see if that makes a difference.



So many recipes - so little time.....