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Kueh Lapis (Nyonya Layered Cake)



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Kueh Lapis

  • 170 grams rice flour
  • 120 grams tapioca flour
  • 800 grams coconut milk, ( preferably Chef's Choice )
  • 1 Cup of water
  • 250 grams sugar raw
  • 1.5 litre hot water, ( for steaming )
  • 2-3 stalks pandan leaves, ( knotted )

Recipe's preparation

    Kueh Lapis
  1. Place sugar and cup of water in TM bowl and mix for 3 min. at 50 °, Speed 3. Make sure that sugar is totally melted.

    2.  Place coconut milk and flours into the TM bowl and blend at Speed 2 for 1 min.

    3.  Divide mixture into 2 equal parts, and colour 1 pink by adding red food colouring.

    4.  Put hot water into TM bowl and add the knotted pandan leaves.

    5.  Heat a 20 cm steaming tray on the Varoma dish, and cook for 5 min., Varoma Temp, Speed 3.

    6.  Ladle white batter ( about 100gm) into baking tin forming a thin layer.  Steam for 3 min. at Varoma Temp. Speed 3. Ladle a thin layer of pink batter ( 100g ) on top of the white and steam for 3 min., Varoma Temp., Speed 3. Continue steaming thin layers alternating pink with white until the eighth layer which will be the pink layer, and making sure each layer is cooked before adding the next layer. 

    7.  For the ninth layer colour it bright red by adding a little more red colouring to the pink batter and spreading it over the steamed kueh. Steam again for 3 min., Varoma Temp. at Speed 3.

    8.  Cool in the steaming tray before cutting the cake. ( do not put in fridge )

    NOTE: Make sure that the steaming tray is absolutely level before ladling on the batter. If it slopes even slightly the layers will not be even. Use different ladles for different colours and do not mix them or the colours may run.


Accessories you need

  • Varoma
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This dish is sometimes known as a 9 layered cake. Red is the colour chosen as red is aupicious to the Chinese. However for funerals blue would be the colour chosen. This is not the traditinal method of making the cake but an easier method. It is still time consuming but as a nyonya I still feel that it is well worth it.

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  • Turned out really well. Made

    Submitted by allykatblue on 17. February 2013 - 02:32.

    Turned out really well. Made if for a chinese new year celebration and the two people of chinese heritage reckoned it tasted just right. Someone else said it tasted "just like a weird asian desert" LOL. Had it with lychee sorbet. It overpowered the delicate sorbet flavour but it was good to have the moistness of the sorbet.

    Make sure you stir the batches well in the bowls before ladling another lot on. My flour occasionally ended up sitting at the bottom of the bowls and I didn't notice.

    I didn't have a small enough metal tin so I used a silicone loaf pan. It seemed to require a lot more cooking between layers.   This might have been to do with the height of the pan though. I had to weight it down.

    I looked at another recipe which suggested leaving it to set for three hours


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  • What do the leaves do? Can I

    Submitted by allykatblue on 10. February 2013 - 23:00.

    What do the leaves do? Can I use a silicon loaf tin?

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  • I always make sure that I dip

    Submitted by hellentay4@gmail.com on 2. September 2012 - 01:06.

    I always make sure that I dip my knife in hot water all the time. Try that and hopefully it will help you.


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  • Just made this this morning,

    Submitted by joeytin79 on 30. August 2012 - 16:22.

    Just made this this morning, tasted just like the ones you can buy from the asian grocery store! and cost so much less! i did half the recipe and still turned out well! my 2yr old loves it too. thank you for posting this recipe! oh any tips on cutting it? seem to get stuck on my knife abit.

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