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Hello, curious to how you went with this? I need to follow the AIP and just got a Thermie.

Have you posted your recipie conversions and if so, what would be the easiest search? I have searched for Paleo, but can't eat most of it.   :((




I recently started following the auto-immune protocol following diagnosis with liver disease after taking methotrexate for auto-immune disease. So I am very busy cooking foods that fit within this diet. As anyone else on it knows, it means a lot of planning, a lot of sourcing quality organic food, and a lot of cooking.

I am now trying to convert some of the recipes from various AIP cookbooks, starting with Sarah Ballantyne's "Paleo Approach Cookbook" and was wondering if anyone else was doing the same? One of my biggest successes is making plantain flour - a key ingredient for many recipes! I managed to source fresh green plantains from Fiji Mart in Newtown (Sydney) and slice them with my very cheap $5 mandolin from Coles, and then put them in the dehydrator (very kindly lent to me by my thermomix consultant Vic Purll) and then when dried I whizz them up in the thermomix.

I've also had great success mincing semi frozen meat (particularly mixing beef meat, pork fat and beef heart) to make brilliant sausages and hiding the offal. Thank you thermomix for these capabilities!

Anyhow, would love to hear from anyone else that is trying to convert recipes, so maybe we could share them.