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I've heard lots of praise for the Smoked Salmon dip, can't wait to try it 😋

:love: [soft]

Smoked salmon dip - everyone loves it! you can choose between trout/salmon/hot smoked salmon.

:cooking_2: best posst ever

Dianne Ensinger

So, in my dreams I have my feet up and am drinking pina coladas but alas that is still a dream BUT with thermie I am just one step closer.  Helping with homeowrk and chores instead.

Tonight, we are having hamburgers but I am not cooking a thing and neither is my husband.  Impossible?

The impossible becomes possible because with Thermie I can be sure that kids are not going to cut their fingers cut off because thermie does it for them safely.  Tonight, Chef Awesomesauce is giving Ever Hungry Chef a night off and is cooking for the whole family. And what do I have to do?  Nothing, nothing at all.  Wink  

So, taking the pain out of cooking, impossible?  Possible! LOL

Have a great day everyone! 




The Clarke Tribe including PJ Bear ( @EverHungryChef )

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