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The posts here about the Recipe Chip Brioche put me off tryng it. Especially when Imh4816 stated that her attempts have been failures. So frustrating to have something not turn out. I've been waiting for a correction and there isn't one. No need. After months of procrastinating I decided to give it a go today alongside a recipe I use regularly from Journal of a French Foodie. It was a Thermomix duel with the TM5 and the TM31 in action at the same time. They are quite different recipes but the results are very similar. Both easy but for anyone who has reservations about brioche making I would encourage you to give the recipe chip a go. Brioche is the perfect dough to use for sweet scrolls and bread & butter pudding too. Or just slather it with your TM jam or TM citrus curd. 

Cooking for you and me and when will the other books come with a chip to? 

Many thanks for this update.   Look forward to their feedback. Louisa

Hi Brooke ling,

Just wanting to clarify on your post - are you asking about the when the Basic Cookbook and Recipe Chip will be available, or is your question about Cooking for me and you cookbook and recipe chip?

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Hi does anyone know when the cookbooks are coming out with the chip??? There is one available but its sold out.. 

Hi Imh4816,

We have flagged your comments on the Brioche with our Recipe Development team who will be testing the recipe again in the coming weeks.

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Hullo Sue ...  how did you go with the brioche recipe from basic cookbook?   I  made it  twice and wasn't happy with results.  yeast didn't activate .. .  dough v.  cakey/soupy..   justwasn't nice...  not sure what I did  wrong .. But made one of my  old brioche dough recipes in  my TM  and it worked fine ....   personally .. not sure about this recipe...... Louisa



Hi mcallisterfamily

Yes, that is correct.

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have started to make brioche but noticed that in the recipe it only says 20g of milk....Is this correct?

thanks you