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Can't wait to try this recipe!

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Had so much sauce I froze it and used later with chicken thighs.

My chicken thighs were tough I get a better result on the stove.

alexgrin wrote:

it's one of my fav dish. I like to make it for my guests and I use only professional equipment at my kitchen that I order here . So my recipe of butter chicken is simple:

Hey alexgrin,

Thank you for sharing your simple recipe, it's look very helpful for me because I am a little bit confused about garam masala, now I am definitely trying your recipe.

The " no fuss butter chicken " on the RC is good too, but using home made garam masala is the key I think to.any of the recipes you find.

it's one of my fav dish. I like to make it for my guests and I use only professional equipment at my kitchen that I order here . So my recipe of butter chicken is simple:

Anyone have tips on ways to use up the huge amount of sause the butter chicken chip recipe makes?

Have you tried the butter chicken recipe by Skinny Mixers? That is amazing!

Hi, i made it last night and it was horrible.. bland boring like baby food!! Not impressed. Few of the main meals have now have been disappointing!

Obviously this is a very late reply given when you posted the initial comment. Haven't tried the edc butter chicken, however I did make the "chicken butter cream" from the recipe community (by thermomix in Australia) and it was absolutely delicious! Even the hubby thought it was a hit, which is a great compliment.

I have to agree, it was rich but bland... It doesn't seem worth the calories! Wink

I even added some extra spices and tomato paste tyring to give it some body but it still wasn't enough.

I will have to find another recipe to try as we LOVE butter chicken in our house.

I really liked it (although it turned my butterfly green!), it was very mild (I did use store bought Garam Masala) but I like mild curries anyway.  I found the fresh taste was great but not the same as the butter chicken you would get in a restaurant.

Another new user who tried the butter chicken and was seriously disappointed!


it could be because I've been spoiled living in a party of Sydney that has some fantastic authentic Indian eateries. 


I'm off to search now for a way to try and rescue the rest of the batch I have (or failing all else I will rinse all the sauce off the chicken and start again!)

Made this tonight and it is rubbish.  Wish I had checked the forum before embarking on this waste of time.  I have to say the recipes in the EDC have been average; I will use other recipes found online from now on.  


People writing the next EDC would do well to steal the recipes online as so far the recipes I have tried have seemed rather bland and often have to much liquid. Puzzled

Tried it tonight.  My husband didn't finish it because it was bland.

I followed the recipe AND used the garam masala I made earlier.

Hope the recipe I found on here is better...

I wish I hd checked the forum before I made the EDC recipe.  Aw

I would have to agree. I made it for dinner tonight and my family were all in agreement thatit was very bland.  I also used shop bought garam masala. I have since found another recipe on the recipe community which I will follow next time. It has paprika and tomato purée and tomato paste which I thiink sounds more flavoursome already. 

i made it and it was beautiful, but i added some sugar to it, it was very very nice  :cooking

Id also add tomato paste. The EDC recipe seems to have a lot less spices than if you search for a traditional butter chicken recipe Smile This might be the reason for it being bland rathar than full of flavour!

Frustrated cook ready to bounce into the TM world with gusto!

I made it and my whole family loved it.

well, I made it with store-bought garam marsala (some to finish before I can make my own) and we loved it, I served it with cauliflower rice (aka "mock" rice) and it was really nice. Not hot, but both hubby (who likes his food HOT) and I liked it! 

Sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy the Butter chicken. It’s a mild curry but an old favourite at Thermomix and should be coming up trumps every time.


The recipe is based on using the Garam masala (p20) in EDC, which is a lot fuller in flavour than many shop-bought blends. Can we suggest you try it with the EDC Garam masala or that you up the quantity of Garam masala if you have shop-bought – the quantity you use will depend on the flavours of the particular spice blend as they can vary considerably. Also, if you would like a little heat in the curry, add in some chilli powder with the spices in Step  5 or try chopping some fresh chilli (deseeded if preferred) with the garlic, ginger and onion in Step 2.


Hope this helps.

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allison73 - i have only had my thermie since last saturday and i have been dying to make this recipe.....but like you, was VERY disappointed in the flavour. I didn't have any curry paste on hand, so couldn't spice it up.

It was edible, just, and i will freeze the remaining.....but it just didn't turn out like i thought it would.... Aw


Well thats great that you saved it.... the recipes are of course made to be tweaked, thats half the fun. Have you made  your own curry paste in thermy.. then you can make it as spicy as you like. the laksa paste int the Indian cookbook is really nice and spicy and makes a heap.

or search for curry paste in this recipe community...

also I use my own home made garam masala in the butter chicken... this makes a lot of difference.

many curry paste recipes on this recipe community too... good luck ! Smile  


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Hi maryanne,

Yes I made it out of the everyday cook book, and I would have to say it was the blandest butter chicken I've ever tased, lucky I had some jar curry paste in the cupboard to save it and give it a bit of a punch, otherwise it's would've gone straight in the bin!!!!!


Can you tell me what you did not like about it?? I may be able to help. I make this all the time to show to new customers... I am a consultant. Did you do the one from the EDC??


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Hi everyone,

Ive just made the butter chicken for the first time out of the edc, and I would have to say it was the worst meal I have made in the 3 weeks I've had my thermomix   :(( I made it to the receipe, so can anyone help me with how to make it better as my husband and I love Indian but this was terrible , cheers