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Simply love CADA for breaky - i just add to it some greek yoghurt and pureed peaches on top and munch at my desk at work , get lots of comments on how yum n healthy it looks.

Good question JWK.  

CADA is sort of like a fresh wet muesli.  It consists of Coconut (fresh or dessicated), Almonds, Dates and Apple, hence the acronym C.A.D.A.  It's delish and takes just a few seconds in the TM. 40g of each is enough for one very hungry hubby or two people.  Yummo with a banana and yoghurt on top.


Sorry for being thick, but what is CAD...

That is ONE of the Great things about the Thermomix, you can change everything to include the things that YOU like.  And it's healthy to boot  :)

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I tried this on the weekend - yummy.  I added cardemon and cinnamon to give a nice chai flavour and served with fresh yoghurt - sort of like a solid chai latte - highly recommend. Smile

Yay.  Well done for thinking outside the square.  I'm sure it will be a whole lot healthier for you as well.  Who knows what goes into bought cereals and how long they've been sitting on the shelf.  


Morning, today I made CAD for the first time as I have run out of cereal. I am using it as a base and have added to my bowl some oats, goji berrie, sunflower seeds and chia. Delicious and I won't be buying any cereal anymore.