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Hi Scott Deez

Thanks for your post.

Yes you place the chicken breast and the marinade directly into the Varoma. The marinade drips through and helps to flavour the rice.

Have fun cooking.

Kind Reagrds

Thermomix Head Office

Quick question as I have only had a Thermomix for a week, when using the Varoma for a marinated chicken breast the recipe say mix in a ceramic bowl then later add chicken and marinate to the varoma. Do they mean to steam the chicken in the ceramic bowl or place the breast directly into t evaroma and pour the marinate over?

i just bought a copy second hand and have not tried anything yet....

Amanda Soft

Is anyone else getting the new book/chip? I recently received it for my birthday & wondering what to try & make first. Lots of yummy ideas to chose from. Has anyone made anything from it on their TM5 or on their TM31 for that matter? Any recommendations?

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