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Do you have an Aldi near you? They sell  1 kg pieces of Salmon that has either. Tuscan or Procvincial herb topping. It can be found in the Freezer department. Retails for about $25

So great for a dinner party. Could be steamed in the Varoma.

I serve on a bed of rice or couscous with a tossed salad. A blend of soy sauce and vinegar, equal parts pored over the top do the salmon is delightful....Japanese inspired.

cheers Glenda

I really like salmon and I think most people like it aswell - also people that are on diet (which in my family are the most Smile )


These two recipes that I found on the internet I prepare them a lot - 30 min max.


I thought I would start a topic for people to post their ideas and recipes for dinner parties Smile

Here's one for a main course; small serve of EDC mushroom risotto with a varoma steamed or grilled piece of salmon on top and some dill for garnish.


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