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Thank you so much for the clarification Smile

Hi EvasMummy,


On the steaming liquid in the Chicken cashew recipe, the amount to be used is 250g of steaming liquid. If all 400g of the steaming liquid is added the sauce will be a runnier variant of the recipe which is still tasty.


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Great. Thanks




QQ- what is the correct amount of reserved liquid to use in the chicken cashew? 400 or 250grams? Thanks Smile

Hi everyone,

If you have obtained the first print edition of the new Everyday Cookbook, here are the notes to accompany the book. You can tell if your cookbook is the first print edition, by looking at the date on the back cover of the book. The first print edition was printed January 2013.


 Notes on the Everyday Cookbook 

Rosemary and eschalot gravy (pg. 31)


Reduce the sea salt to ½ tsp, to taste and proceed as per recipe.



Bolognaise sauce (pg. 35)


Add carrot in step 1 with other vegetables and proceed as per recipe.



Beef stroganoff (pg. 123)


Replace the 100g sherry vinegar with 100g white wine and proceed as per recipe.



Cyndi’s gluten free bread (pg. 139)


Add 1 tsp salt in step 5 with all remaining ingredients and proceed as per recipe.



Soft butter rolls (pg. 145)


Add 50g water in step 2 with the buttermilk and yeast and proceed as per recipe.



Chocolate chip cookies (pg. 149)


Replace 180g brown sugar with 80g brown sugar and 100g caster sugar.  



Torta Caprese (pg. 158)


Reduce the butter to 150g and proceed as per recipe.

This recipe will also work with 250g butter however; the end result will be denser.



Orange and almond cake (pg. 165)


Reduce the eggs to 3.


Increase oven temperature to 180°C.



Sponge cake (pg. 173)


This recipe results in a denser sponge cake. For a fluffier sponge cake, please refer to Trixie’s sponge cake which is available on Recipe Community.


Lemon meringue pie (pg. 174)


Double the quantity of Sweet shortcrust pastry and proceed as per recipe.

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