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Anzacs 5 stars, perfect every time providing I keep my eye on my ancient oven

Fruity dream - 5 stars every time, frozen raspberries

Mashed potato 3 stars for my first attempt - gluey, but still pretty good. 

Boiled eggs, 5 stars 11 minutes, 58 g eggs perfect every time

Pizza dough - 5 stars an every single week (sometimes twice) as it never fails

Haven't had a great deal of success with meals though? kids don't seem to like them, butter chicken was  more like korma??



Hello Katie, did you have success with tweaking the 5 seed bread recipe?  I find sometimes it's quite crumbly and wasn't sure how to fix it - so will try kneading for longer as you have suggested.  Also have problems with a very crusty crust and also sinking in the middle.  Any tips?

Other than that, we love it and it's our staple.  I make it every week.  Just looking to tweak and improve...

Many thanks Smile

Sorbet - 5 stars, no comment really needed on this one, we all know what a huge smash hit it is.

Custard - 5 stars, have made 2 different batches, lemon & chocolate.  A friend recently showed me a jaffa version - so this is next on the list.

Five See Bread - 5 stars.  My DH refused to eat any sort of grain bread previously due to the hard grains getting stuck in his teeth.  I was amazed when he said he wanted to try this version, but he advised given it was made in the TM, it had to be tasted.  Well, he's now sold and will happily eat any future grain bread I make in the TM - so that's a huge bonus in terms of health for him, cost saving for me and also knowing what's in our bread.  This bread does come out a little crumbly, so next time I'm going to increase the kneading time to 3min & also leave to rise for about 1hr to see if that helps reduce the crumbliness

So many recipes - so little time.....

Hello everyone!

So interesting to hear all your experiences!  Here are some of mine:

- Mashed Potato: huge success and a regular in our house!

- Tuna with Pasta: delicious and the kids love it.

- Mushroom Risotto: also a huge hit, but seems to taste very bland when I try different alternatives ... any suggestions?

- Crunchie ice cream slice: I tried this using 2 x kingsize cherry ripes (my hubby's favourite) and it was a HUGE SUCCESS!

- Pizza dough: so simple and so delicious

- Coleslaw: two thumbs up!

- Porridge: we don't grind the oats, just keep them whole and the kids love it.  I add honey and sultanas at the end of cooking.

- Red Chicken Curry: divine!

- Chicken with Cashews: very bland unfortunately

- Custard: a huge hit!

- Minestrone Soup: a little bland and I had to cook mine for a much longer time.

- Choc Cake: super easy and super yummy.

- Orange cake: same as above!

Veg Stock Concentrate, chicken stock and breadcrumbs all a hit and I use all the time.

Happy Cooking Smile



I love Ms Bimbi Mixingbowl closed

Isn't it amazing how we get such different experiences with the same recipes.

Mashed potato was a disaster for me. When I checked to see if done all I had was a pot of glue. Never tried again. Too easy to do on the stove.

Butter chicken everyone loves it. Make it often.

Never have a failure on Mayonnaise but I do use my own recipe for this not the one from the EDCB

Pasta Fagioli we love but add a bit extra chili as I grow them.


Cooking 7 mascarpone cheese - has anyone tried the recipe in EDC? I have made it twice following the recipe. Each time the quantity made is  250g rather than the 500g as in the recipe. Can someone please advise what I am doing incorrectly?


Indulge - ENJOY!!!

Pasta É Fagioli - 5 stars.  I'm not a big chilli person, so only added 1/2tsp chilli flakes as a test and this worked well.  Got the warmth from the chilli, but not too much heat for my taste.  I also added 500g of macaroni which thicked the result.  Once cooking was completed, I transferred the mix into my Thermoserver and let stand for 10mins - this allowed all remaining liquid to absorb.  Using the extra pasta made a huge batch, but it freezes without issue.

So many recipes - so little time.....

Quiche Lorraine - 4 stars, very tasty and easy to do.  I even made the short crust pastry, as advised.  I would probably add a little fresh parsley to the egg/cream mix in future.  Turned out just like 'a bought one'


Carrot & orange juice - 2.5 stars, rather watery with little taste of carrot or orange (I used 3 oranges).  I added 200g of water - would probably add less next time, given the tray of ice also added.  I added some fresh mint leave to give a little zing.

So many recipes - so little time.....

We use the white sauce out of the EDC at least 2-3 times a week.

I modified the Lasagna to suit us and we all love it.  Have had beef with pear ketchup (we cant eat tomoatoes) and also a chicken and pumpkin one.

Pumpkin soup 5 Stars, we eat this a lot.

The rissotto is great, the apricot chicken one is a fantastic as well.

Basic bread is eaten here daily (sometimes with bread flour instead of the wholegrain wheat). Pizza dough is Fantastic.  Boiled Eggs I was really woried about as they are realy steamed not boiled, but they were great.

Vegetable stock concentrate is a MUST!

Hot chocolate was scrummy.

Porridge was not good at all for us. Far too liquid in consistncy, I have since adapted a recipe that does work for us.

Crepes are great, made 2-3 times a week.  And DH now makes the batter too, he would always cook them for me, but never make the batter.

Coleslaw and beetroot salads are both fantastic.

The Mayonaise I have had mixed results, 2 or 3 batches worked really well, 2 or 3 batches were HUGE flops. Still working out what I did right/wrong with them.

The Beetroot Soup (Borsch) was intereseting.  We have a heap leftover. Although DH and I both liked it ok.

Mashed Potato is Fantastic.

My kids didn't like the Gnocci, but I think they just wouldn't like any kind of gnocci.


Like you we have too few mealtimes in a day to try out all I want. And I need some meals that I know will work for the kids to eat, more so I know they will eat.  I will keep trying new ones each week or so though.


Not a day goes by I don't use my thermomix!

Hi all,

Following my creation of the Budget Bu$ter$ topic - for feedback on success/failures from recipes out of each cooking book.  I continue the journey with EDC.

Beetroot Salad - 5 stars, very tasty and just simply love the crunch of the raw vegetables.  Have made this a number of times already.

Mashed Potato - 5 stars, smooth & creamy.  This alone sold the TM to my husband.  He just loves mash and has been trying to find the perfect receipe for years - well now he has it and we have to have TM mash at least once a week.  Have found unused portions do freeze OK, but you need to rewarm slowly with slow speed for a few mintues to bring back the smooth consistency.

Butter Chicken - 1 star, this was a real disappointment as the flavour was very, very bland - which was surprising given the spices in the recipe.  I have the Fast & Easy Indian Cooking book & am going to try the butter chicken from it as a comparison.


So many things I want to try out of this recipe book, but there simply aren't enough meal times in the day.  Still you have to start somewhere.....:)


So many recipes - so little time.....