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Hi Giav12

We have increased the volume of the mixing bowl and Varoma capacities of the TM5 compared with the TM31.

Preparing a TM5 recipe in a TM31 can cause the contents of the mixing bowl to overflow, which can be dangerous.

TM31 Mixing bowl - 2.0 litres Varoma 3.0 litres

TM5 Mixing bowl - 2.2 litres Varoma 3.3 litres

You should be fine cooking the TM31 recipes in a TM5, as a result.

Warm regards

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This may seem like a silly question but I have a TM5 and I would really love to purchase the Fast and Easy Indian Cookbook but on the front of the book it says it is for the TM31. I have never actually had an upclose look at the machine or a cookbook for the TM31, is there a big difference between the controls for a TM31 vs TM5 when it comes to converting a recipe?

I know this is old, but came across the page while searching for a Balti recipe,  I make the tikka paste all the time and still haven't managed to move on from the Tikka paste, it makes the most authentic tikka curry, we love the the creamed spinach and chicken tikka curry and eveyone who tastes it, is blown away by it too!  


Hi, can anyone tell me about the Chicken korrma recipe in the Flavours of India cookbook - step 1 doesnt seem right - shouldnt these ingedients be milled/chopped?? thanks - am trying to cook atm but am stumped!!

Would someone please be kind enough to post the recipe for gulab jamun? It's one of my husbands favorite sweets Smile thank you 

Feedback appreciated. Cloves can be overwhelming!

I might aswell add to this as I work through the book.


Bhuna Gosht was AMAZING. Perfect cooking time for the meat!



I made the pilau last night! My Indian husband (the biggest - and harshest - Indian food critic) loved it!


I did cheat a bit, and used the Tilda microwaved Basmati (2x250g packets), frozen chopped onion (skipped the first step) and used 3T of butter instead of ghee. I added salt after to taste.


In all it took ten minutes because I cheated. Quick, easy and I honestly could've eaten the whole bowl myself.

I'm loving this cook book but tonight I was not impressed with one of the recipes, and would not recommend at all. I made the stuffed aubergines and followed the recipe to the T and myself and husband personally thought it was horrible Aw un editable and was thrown in the bin. Waste of good eggplants! And we are usually eggplant lovers so it was not a case of not used to eating them. On a positive I also made  the chicken akhni oven cooked chicken and rice. It was delicious! The flavours are awesome and such a easy meal to make. Only thing I would recommend is to cut down the amount of rice or add extra chicken . We were left with tons of rice and no meat, but will mix some steamed veg in with the rice for our lunches tomorrow! Highly recommend people try this dish  Smile 

Hi Lindyloutoo,

On the Gulab Jamans - we suspect the little doughnuts weren't deep fried long enough... see step 2. We suggest that next time, you cook one then open it to make sure it's cooked through, then adjust the cooking time as required. Also, please do not overcrowd the fryer as that affects the end result.

Once they have soaked in the syrup, they will soften but there shouldn't been any wet dough in the middle. 

The milk powder needs to be full fat; that's why the recipe mentions getting it from specialist Indian shops.

Hi Schnetts01,

On the Lime Chutney - in cooler weather in Australia,  cooking your chutney on a damp/humid or rainy day (jams and chutneys take longer to get to setting point if there is moisture in the air). Just to reiterate, the cooking time in the recipe is 2.5 to 3 hours. 

To rescue the thin chutney, return the mixture to the mixing bowl and cook 5 min/Varoma/ [counterclock] /speed 1 to heat it up again. Stir with the spatula to distribute the heat throughout. Then repeat the 5 min/Varoma/ [counterclock] /speed 1 until at setting point. This can add up to 45 mins to the recipe, but please only do  this in 5 minute blocks.


Tip: To test for set in the Thermomix, lift mixing bowl and tip slightly then stand upright again. If the chutney is set, the liquid will be sticky, slightly thick, and it will stay on the side of the bowl.

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Hey my partner tried making  the gulub Jamuns today and they came out doughy inside and didn't rise. Whats he doing wrong. He seemed to mix it a long time. How long do you. How do you know it's ready. There's a lot of plain flour in it. I didn't think they should have much fl at all? 


What type of powder milk do you use?

Help... has anyone cooked the Lime Chutney? Mine doesn't seem to be setting, any suggestions?

Thanks Fiona Douglas.....

Hi karenina, 

i found the creamed spinach recipe in the recipe forum, if you search under that name.  I know I'm 18 months too late for you, but others might be looking too.


We love the balti paste, our favourite is lamb and spinach balti with a spoonful of yoghurt. The other all time fav is the butter chicken, however instead of the cream, I add at the end of the cookin, 3 tablespoons of cream for cooking and a tablespoon of ground almonds. I usually finish the butter chicken off on the stove as I like to cook my rice in the thermomix. Onion and cummin seed nann bread is yummy.

Almost Martha 

This book is a very good seller.  That says a lot about its quality.  My fav recipes so far are the Cardamom Cake and the Gulab Jamun.

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I tried cooking the spicy meat and potato cakes on p.68 - potato was way too sloppy to make the cakes and wrap the mince. I ended up making  a shepherds pie Indian style. I would like to try them again. Does anyone have any advice on this recipe. I'm thinking I will hand mash the potatoes next time.

Here's a link which has the list of recipes:

It's a brilliant book, you won't regret buying it.

Hello I'm from the UK and so miss my Indian food. Is there anyway to see the list recipes included in this book?

Hi Karenina

Not sure which recipe they are talking about (don't have the book in front of me) but I did find these two links that might be helpful Smile

Hi Sooz

No doubt you have finished your limes by now but I would grind some seeds to powder or add the dried leaves.

Hope that helps you both, Fiona


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I am in the process of steaming my limes in the Varoma for the Lime Pickle Recipe in the Indian Cookbook. With regard to the 1/2 tspoon of Fenugreek Powder I have Fenugreek Seeds, Dried Fenugreek Leaves and Frozen Fenugreek Leaves. Not sure what to use, should I blitz the Dried Leaves in the Thermo and use 1/2 tsp of that?


I love the Indian Cookbook too!

Hi Fiona - I love the Indian Cookbook too.  It has so many scrummy recipes in it.  I have yet to try the Chicken in Yoghurt, but will certainly give it a go.

I have been looking for the recipe for Creamed Spinach to make the Chicken and Spinach Curry (Page 90), but can't find it.  Don't suppose you know what Fast and Easy recipe book they are talking about?  I thought the Indian one was the only 'Fast and Easy' cookbook. 

Where do you get this cook book?


Chicken in Yoghurt.  You'd think I'd know the page number off by heart because we eat it at least once a week, but I don't.  I don't use as much yoghurt as they say because I find it is too tart.  I use about 400g and sometimes I add a tablespoon of tomato paste too.

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what is your favorite recipe from this book?


New TM User (1 week) and have just made the Lamb Rogan Josh (one of our favourites) and would just like to comment that we found they recipe way too heavy on the cloves and ginger. It called for 40 gms ginger and 6 whole cloves (plus the cloves that are in the TM Garam Masala that you add later) Thought the feedback might be good for those who don't like too much of either. I will try it again but probably use 10 gms ginger and 1 whole clove instead. on to the next recipe! Cooking 4

I think this its great. We can't have chillies in our food Tongue so being able to just exclude them from the tikka paste is great especially when Chicken tikka, used to be and now can be again, a favourite.


Chief cook and bottle washer

This is my favourite book when it comes to TM.  I cook from it at least twice a week.  It is just too easy to have delicious Indian cuisine with the TM.

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We agree - goodbye tins or packets - hello fresh fragrant Indian flavours!!!


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It's a great book. Before reading this I was unfamiliar with many of the ingredients and now am addicted to Indian flavours. All so easy with the TMX too!!