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I have had Roux-En-Y Bypass Surgery & just got a TM6, so I'm still learning how to use it & also interested in find recipes good for us.

Any suggestions, hints or tips would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Cazznco, I am new to Thermomix, I have been busy creating recipes for my website
My plan this year is to make healthier options and make the most out of my Thermomix. You might get some ideas from the recipe collection on my site. I do hope to get some Thermomix recipes for one going in the near future. Wishing you success on your food journey and hope I could be of some help. Smile Judy

I have been looking for healthy meals for after I havemy surgery 12th Feb and was only talking this morning about the liquid diet after the surgery and then the soft foods.

I love my TMX5 I pretty much use it every other day and would love some recipes and or ideas on how to utilise my thermy with my big change - is this a group (gastric sleeve TMX lover) I can join?

WOOHOO! just saw this group! I have my Thermy... (haven't had it for long though... so pretty much a newbie)... i'm having Gastric Sleeve surgery in June... so.... I would love some recipes for Pre and Post Surgery... pleeeeeaaaaase??? Smile

I am too eagerly awaiting the arrival of my TM5 machine. I had lapband surgery a year ago to date and lost 40kg but put the majority back on due to complications.

Looking forward to cooking healthier food with ease!
Would totally love a board dedicated to recipes and ideas for high protein/small quantity recipes for bands and sleeves!

Hi Cazznco

I have had gastric sleeve performed on 1/7/2016 & find myself falling into some old bad eating habits. Being on my own I don't have the necesity to cook for others.... I, like you would like to see meals that are for one with emphasis on protein. With the amount that we are supposed to eat it is very hard to imagine meals with variety.

I might need to investigate & Look up some recipes try them out & create a new category on this site

I am 2 ¼ yrs post sleeve & I get my thermi this weekend!!!! Very excited to cook high protein healthy meals/snacks etc to assist me on my journey!!


Thermione arrived 30 Apr 2016!

my daughter had the same operation, what meals are you cooking for yourself?


Im a long term sleever and have regained some weight after my daughter was born.  I have had my TMX since Jan 2016. I love love my machine, not only can i now create yummy meals quickly with taste, i dont burn or overcook things, my children eat the food i cook and im slowly loosing weight again.  Would love to see a section for high protein foods or ideas for weight loss - mind u the smoothies on here are divine!

Thank you to everyone who has contributed cause its made my life much easier and healthier! BigsmileCooking  10