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I'd like to be able to claim the credit on this one, but can't as my DH prepared the below meal entirely by himself last night and it was yum.

Chorizo & Chick Pea Hotpot - 4 stars.  Very, very tasty.  The only note I've made on the recipe is to leave out the chilli (I'm a very low spice/heat gal).  The chorizo has more than enough heat in it for me, but if you like spicy, then leave the chilli in.  I might tweek the next version & replace one chorizo for a kransky and see how that works - should have the flavour, but not as much heat.  Still I can recommend the TM sorbet as a perfect after dish, it cooled the mouth down nicely.....  In terms of serving size, it will do us for 2 complete meals.  We are having again tonight with my home main TM 5 grain bread

So many recipes - so little time.....