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The 1 punnet strawberry jam on the community is really goos, and I think you would be able to use any fruit as long as it was the same weight as the strawberries.



Love Cooking and Experimenting to make cooking  Ezy with my Thermomix

I have made strawberry jam in my thermie... tasted great but was very thin... maybe I had to cook it longer??!

Karen x

I know very few thing about jam, someone have told me that is made of fruit, i can't wait to see your jam.


I'm wondering how the jam turned out too, would be interested to hear. 

Hi there,


How did your jam turn out? Smile


Good morning everyone!

I've already made breakfast (TM Porridge) which was lovely and filling. I couldn't find a forum for this post so I decided to post it in the breakfast area as I'll be making these dishes this morning.

I have been given a huge quantity of mulberries so I thought I'd make some jam and some muffins.

Have tried looking for a mulberry jam recipe but have had no luck. Thought I'd try and follow the strawberry jam one in the everyday cookbook. Or I might see if there is a raspberry jam recipe on the forum.

Wish me luck.... I've never made jam before!