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Hi jenearl80

Sorry to hear about the error you are having. We have flagged your post with our Customer Service Team. A member of the team will be contacting you directly.

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pls help
I am just trying to cut up parsley and my machine is coming up with error 39
pls can someone get in touch asap
thabk you

Hi Keziah

Sorry to hear you have experienced error code 39.

We have flagged your post with our Customer Service team. A member of the team will be contacting you directly to assist.

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Hi I have a TM31 and have been getting error 39. Any tips on how to fix this, please?


Hi janiceg,

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Hi I have just received a new TM5 today & we are doing the run through with it making the vegetable stock & it keeps coming up with error c39 & turning off. Can anyone please help?

Hi scottwatson,

Sorry to hear that. We will send you a PM.

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Hi, new to the community. 

My TM31 has stopped working.

The temp lights flash up and down the range. No error message appears, but I think there was one briefly before this.

Have followed manual re. pulling plug and this has made no difference.

Any ideas anyone?

Hi MaraW


Sorry to hear that. Your machine will need to be sent into Service to get looked at. We will alert your Consultant who can contact you to advise you how to send your machine in to get it serviced.

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Mara try pulling on the cord to reset it. mine needed the power board replaced as german cockroaches had gotten in and killed it, $375 later its on its way home

Help I'm having this error. I'm half way thru brownies..... Just not meant to be.... N so close to chrissy

Hi Peggy, Q2 first, I normally place basket right way up, the splashes hit the basket and go no further, although I have two baskets and on the odd occasion have used both - one sitting inside the other, to stop splashing. The basket bottom fits neatly inside T/X lid.

Q1, The T/X takes a certain amout of time to reach the preset temp, lights stop flashing then. I have read on this forum that this time is factored in to the recipe, so cooking time begins once machine is started. However if you feel that something should be cooked longer, then continue for a few extra minutes. When ingredients are particularly cold it takes more time to heat them. Often when you are sauteing the temp doesn't get to 100oC in 2mins, so I always add a minute on to time or else cook at varoma temp. Regards Anne Smile  

Hi there...I've only had my TM31 for one day & have a couple of questions -

1. When setting the temperature for certain recipes, is it necessary to wait for the TM to get to that temp before starting to cook you wait for the light to stop flashing?

2.When a recipe mentions to put the TM basket on top of the mixing lid, which way is it placed (or doesn't it matter)?

Thanks so much Smile


Thank you

I spoke to head office this afternoon, Thermy is going on a bit of a trip to the hospital Aw Hopefully it'll be a short (and cheap) stay

Hi kaisha,

Your machine will need to be sent into Service to get looked at. Please contact your Consultant who can advise you how to send your machine in to get it serviced.

Thermomix Head Office

does anyone have any idea where i can ask?

Thanks Anne, hopefully someone will know. i'll send a message to my consultant too.


Hi Lauren, I had a quick look at google pages & other T/X forum, I can't seem to find an answer to this problem. Apart from pulling plug out and waiting a few minutes then switching back on again. What we need from TIA is a list of errors, what they mean and how they can be fixed. Ask your consultant who may ask their upline, they may know answer. I'm not sure if TIA operate over weekend, you may have to wait until Mon. Hopefully someone will read this & supply the answer. There is an error message which is activated when there is water under the jug, I can't remember which one it is. It was mentioned by a consultant at a demo I was at. Sorry I am unable to help, kind regards, Anne Smile

Hubby was making porridge for the boys, it had been going for 2 minutes when it stopped and error 39 came up. What is error 39? We've pulled on the cord like the manual said but how hard are we meant to pull? It resets itself but the error comes back when its started again.

Please help.