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These look amazing!! Thanks for sharing, where did you find it from?


I am wanting to make my own protein powder??? Any ideas on this would be great!


Does anybody have any vegeterians recipes

I'm new here and looking for low-carb recipes for the Thermomix (I've just purchased one but it hasn't been delivered yet).  The above link has some great looking recipes that I can't wait to try out. 

Greek yoghurt, youghurt chicken, almond milk, cauliflower rice etc

There are heaps of recipes freely available on this website, and you could quite easily convert those you like for the Thermomix:

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I enjoy confit salmon with steamed veg. Easy to achieve in the varoma  Bigsmile

The human body requires high protein. Protein can make your body very healthy. Thanks for taking this opportunity to share about this.

The high protein low-carb recipecan be broken into three meals per day, that is, breakfast, lunch and supper. For breakfast it is recommended that you take egg. For lunch, you can take salads topped up with meat or even sea food. For dinners that adhere to the high protein recipes.

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I found a recipe on the TM website called low carb oopsie bread. We made it this morning and it was fabulous. It is made with just 3 eggs 1/8 teaspoon cream of tartar and 95g cream cheese. We used it to make a bacon and egg and salad sandwich.

Hi evary,

We have a Vegetarian Cookbook available through your Consultant or on our website ( These recipes will either be high in protein or can be adapted to be higher in protein content.

Ask your Consultant or someone with the book to have a little look to see if it answers your requirements or call our sales staff on 1800 004 838.

Hope that helps Smile

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Does anybody have any high-protein recipes that are vegetarian?  thanks!

The beetroot salad in the book is great but I add some ground corriander & cumin & nutmeg.... Bigsmile

This is a really tasty salad, and super-quick to whip up -  I love it and I hope it meets your needs.

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Hi ... my body runs best on a high protein / low carbohydrate diet, which generally means a lot of meat, eggs, and fish and very light on the rice, pasta, potatoes etc.

Does anyone have any recipes they particularly like that might fit into this diet?