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Hi pipis

We understand your frustration. We recommend passing your icing sugar through a fine mesh sieve to remove the grainyness.
With regards to the colour, we recommend using your homemade icing sugar for your coloured/dyed projects and the store bought icing sugar for your projects that require a white outcome.

We hope this gives you something to work with.

Warm regards

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Not only have I found it very grainy, but also looks pretty bad. I enjoy making Danish pastries and would like to drizzle plain icing over the baked goods. I've tried with various types of sugar including normal white sugar. However, the icing dries clear rather than white and just ends up with a grainy, glassy consistency. I have resorted to buying icing sugar again sadly.

I just read that for raw sugar mill for 3x 1min speed 10 lots!

Mill your icing sugar a few times - only for 10 seconds at a time - let it cool and mill it again - repeat a few times until it is not grainy - i will often do it 10 times .


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Im not sure.. maybe different brands of sugar produce different results? 

What sort fo sugar are you using? I whizzed coconut palms sugar up the other day for jam and it was super fine!..

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I posted on another thread but didn't get any response so am trying here.  

I have tried making icing sugar from raw sugar several times now.  I have even used speed 9 for over 30 secs but my 'icing sugar' is still very grainy and not at all fine enough to be considered icing sugar.  It looks like it is in powder form but as soon as I start to mix with anything you can see how grainy it is.  

Hoping someone can help me please, don't want to buy icing sugar, that's why I have a thermomix!!  Smile

Expect a miracle.....