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Hi PaulineB

There has been an update to Recipe Community since 2013, therefore the link has changed.

There was a reprint of the Everyday Cookbook in 2014 however.

The link to this print version 1 is as follows

Happy cooking!

Thermomix Head Office

Hi, I have tried this link & it no longer works, can you let me know how I can access this


Much appreciated Regards Anne Smile

Hi Anne, the corrections are available for all forum users. I believe the link you are looking for is this one

Thermomix Head Office

Dear TMX Head Office, why is this not available for general forum use ie why do I have to join linked in? I also would like to know of any changes to the EDC & other cookbooks. I am sure I am not alone in this. I also choose not to have facebook! Anne

Thanks Ros Teirney, I hope to hear from you soon in this regard!  I attended an open day today for prospective consultants, and it is a definite GO!!  Really looking forward to joining the team.... :D

It is here somewhere, Ozamanda.  I'm just looking for it for a customer.  Will post the link here when I find it. 

Renew.  Refresh.  Rejoice.

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Dear TM Head-office,

I am trying to find the link for the Everyday Cookcook improvements and corrections.  I had a message from you on Facebook a while back that it would be posted on the forum, and I have searched high and low, but cannot find it.  Please direct me to it so I can print them all off and paste it into my book.

Having all the corrections in one central place would make everybody's life very easy. Smile

Thanks in advance!Ozamanda