Forum Is it worth selling interstate or in Nz if Im in Oz?

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Hi Natashak,

Your message has been forwarded onto our Customer Service team and someone will be in contact with you shortly. In the meantime, please speak with your Group leader for further details and clarification.


Thermomix Head Office

I was told that I can sell anywhere but that for sales in NZ you only make a nominal amount, not the full commission.

And my title should actually be demos not selling.

Hey guys!

I've come across abit of a dilemma as a new consultant still in my 60 days (well what I think is one).  So my circle of friends here locally around me have already been introduced to a thermomix already.  However, my friends in Sydney and NZ have not and I'm able to get a circle of demos started up there instead.

So my Leader has just told me it's not worth it, but can anyone tell me (if there is) any advantages?  Or am i wasting my time hanging onto something that I simply cannot be there to deliver or followup with customer care etc.

Hopefully I get some feedback. 

Thank you.