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Hi there could I ask please is there is any up and coming fodmap recipes for the thermomix? I follow Sue Shepherd the two step LOW-FODMAP DIET AND RECIPE BOOK. If you need the Monash university puts them out. The recipes are awesome.

It would be wonderful for a FODMAP cookbook Please

Hello I am on low FODMAP and need recipes on my cook key please!! I am at present adjusting recipes to suit, but would be so much easier if I could just push next! Like everyone on this page I agree we pay x amount for the device in the first place so it would be good to use all its capabilities.

I would absolutely love to get a FODMAP cookbook, this would help me greatly with providing meals for the family which l can enjoy also.

It would also help when you have guests over who are on that diet I would like to see one of those cookbooks to please

Hi Pink1316

Your comments have been passed onto our Recipe Development Team.

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Thermomix Head Office

Thermomix Head Office

Have there been any further updates on the low fodmap cookbook?

Is there any chance a low fodmap cookbook could be made available?

There is a website that does lofothermie recipes :

Please and thank you - would be great!

Yes please, I also second a low fodmap cookbook

Thank you we will pass your suggestions onto our team.

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Thermomix Head office

Thermomix Head Office

I would love a low FODMAP cookbook and chip too! One of the reasons I got a Thermy was to help with making things from scratch, this would be awesome.

ASAP. Please. Recently diagnosed with IBS and can't find very much at all. Would be wonderful to have a dedicated Thermomix Cook Book and Chip of Low FODMAP recipes.

Yes please to Low FODMAP book and chip! Also LCHF please.

a reciepe chip and book specifically for fodmap diets would be awesome. please pretty please thermomix!!!

Me too!!!!!!!! A low FODMAP thermomix cookbook would help a lot.

I too use the low FODMAP diet recipe book. This would  very beneficial in a thermomix book!

I'm jumping on this train!!! How awesome would a FODMAP book & chip be!!!  Life changing

I too would love a low FODMAP cookbook and recipe chip.  Whilst I try to convert most recipes, a recipe chip with new ideas would make life easier.  Pretty please Thermomix?!   Bigsmile

Hi Ali and Voldersmort - I also eat low FODMAP for health reasons and while I convert most recipes to suit, I too would love a low FODMAP cookbook for the Thermomix  Smile


Hi Ali, I eat low FODMAP and love my thermomix. Allows you to cook from scratch so much easier which is key with this diet! I'd love a low FODMAp cookbook too  Smile

caters for the Low FODMAP diet. 

My daughter has recently been put on the FODMAP diet due to health issues and I really need some family friendly recipes to cook in the thermy.  Doctors and dieticians use the FODMAP diet frequently in treating patients, especially those with irritable bowel syndrome, so it's very common.  I think a FODMAP cookbook would be a winner.