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I would love a Lo gi book too!

Although my family has lived with diabetes for 5 generations, statistics reveal it is one of the greatest health concerns in our communities. Diet is a major factor in controlling blood sugar levels and a recipe book tested by a diabetic clinician would make life that little bit easier.

My daughter and I are both diabetic, both have a thermomix (TM5 and the previous model) and would love a cookbook that caters for tasty diabetic recipes. Ideally, it would be great to have one that uses spices, herbs, etc. more than once. So many books include ingredients that are used in one specific recipe and not used in any others.

I would love to see a low GI Cookbook as well.

Yes please!


Another vote from me!! Please!!! I will buy a copy for everyone I know with a TM Smile

I'm a vote for low GI too!  Smile

This would be great! Low GI but also maybe Low GI and raw food in one


Butterfly Girl   }i{




I'm a YES PLEASE for the low GI book too... Smile

would love to see a LOW GI cookbook soon, particulary lunch and dinner recipies, rather than sweets.

I'm looking for a low-gi bread recipe.  I'll be keeping my eyes out for the new book.

Now I'm very excited Tenina!! Can I ask a stupid question though.....when people send in recipes are they ones they've made up themselves or recipes from books that they've then converted to use in the TM? Surely the original author would then need to be cited?? I only have Low GI recipes from my Glucose Revolution books.....that's why I so want more!!

Mum to 3 gorgeous kids, 91/2, 7 and 21/2. Living in Perth.

Well Jenni, that TOO is on the list and closer than you might think…so send us your recipes to test and add to the project!

Would really love to see a Low Gi cookbook for Thermie....please.....pretty please!!!

Mum to 3 gorgeous kids, 91/2, 7 and 21/2. Living in Perth.