Forum My son's birthday lunch with my in-laws!!

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Happy brithday to ur son first 

and thanks for sharing that with us Smile

oh waite i got mixed up Renee Calahorra  I thought Aimless (who had the pick on the blogspot) i thought that was the bad ahaha so sorry im new!

Nicee, that looks very tasty! I remember like 8 yrs ago this site  had like a cooking guide based on ur zodiac doesn't any more :/ but ur post reminded me of it!  PartyGlasses hope your son had a great birthday!!!!!!!!

ohhhh you could make a yummy pasta sauce and fresh pasta!

Frustrated cook ready to bounce into the TM world with gusto!


Hoping you've some wonderful suggestions for me.  We are hosting my in-laws to celebrate my son's 5th birthday, and really want to show them what the thermomix can do (to make my father-in-law stop scoffing about the price really and show him that it really is amazing!!! haha!).

I've only had my thermomix for a week now, so only new, but very open to trying everything, I've not had a disaster yet!

They are italian, too, so that may not help my cause either... but any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!

xxx Renee