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Twelve months after my original post and nothing has changed from Thermomix. The Cookidoo subsciption is still "not worth the money" even at the low price of $49 per annum

I am quite content with accessing my chips (I have a few) through Cookidoo if I remember!! but the Recipe Community works best for me. I can print (add my own comments) file, store, and update my variations much quicker than I can fiddle around on the Cookidoo platform.

Hear, hear!
I've told everyone that asked that it's a waste of money.

Thank you for the comments. I have just bought a second hand TM5 and was thinking about getting the cook-key. One of the main things was to be able to access my own recipes which are adapted to TM from my favourite cookbooks. But what is the point to buy it if you can only access the recipes from Cookidoo? I am not prepared to pay all this money every year! Shame on you Thermomix! Your product is already overly expensive to buy, and you should allow to access recipes from all over, not only yours!

Hi OntheroadThermy and JT1812

Thank you for your messages.

You have mentioned two separate recipe platforms.

Firstly, Cookidoo is your complete library of Thermomix recipes. When you register with Cookidoo, all of your purchased collections and Recipe Chips can be transformed into recipe playlists, weekly meal plans and customised shopping lists sent straight to your smart phone. Your subscription gives you access to all Australian recipe collections and more than 40,000 global recipes from over 14 countries. Each recipe on Cookidoo has been developed and tested by a Recipe Development Team to ensure the perfect meal every time.

With the addition of the Cook-Key it is as simple as Browse-Sync-Cook to access all your favourite Cookidoo recipes on the screen of your TM5 for Guided Cooking. How can you add recipes to a recipe playlist, you ask? Hover your mouse over the cover image of the recipe you would like to add and click on the three dots that appear in the top right corner. Click "Add to my recipe list" and then select the recipe playlist you wish to add the recipe to, or create a new recipe playlist.

Secondly, the recipe platform we are currently on, Recipe Community… It is not possible to transfer recipes from the Recipe Community to Cookidoo. Recipe Community is a customer based recipe sharing platform, where Thermomix users (of all walks of life) can share their recipes, find new recipes and convert loved recipes. You can create personal collections of recipes in Recipe Community, for example “My favourite Christmas dinners”, “Gluten-free Mains” or in your case “FODMAP favourites’ for instance. This feature can be accessed in your profile under “My collection”. Here you can create your own collections of recipes just by adding them into a category of your choice. You will have permanent access to these collections and can view them any time you visit your profile.

Lastly, the Recipe Development team are always working busily in the background creating new recipes and they have definitely taken note of the request for a FODMAP collection. However in the meantime feel free to set up playlists in and collections in Recipe Community with your favourite FODMAP recipes and continue enjoying the world of recipes that these different platforms provide.

This link to the FAQ's may help decipher Cookidoo, the Cook-key and your machine further

We hope this helps.

Happy cooking!

Thermomix Headoffice

Thermomix Head Office

I am in the same boat. We own the Cook Key we should be able to save our own recipes to it. Not good Thermomix. A total waste of money for me.

Hi- new customer - primary reason for thermomix purchase- wife needs to be on low FODMAP AND avoid certain preservatives. Guided cooking also a plus for son and wife. SO Thermomix FODMAP friendly - YES. Cookidoo NO (FU FODMAP). Thermomix recipe communoity FODMAP friendly Yes. Connection to cookidoo or cook key (more FU FODMAP).
Thermomix Australia - this is not a FAD diet - prescribed by medical proffesionals. If you don't want the internet community rallying against this omission - fix it soon.
So in plain English, when will we be able to sync the commmunity FODMAP recipes with the cook key, and/or when will you create a FODMAP collection and FODMAP vairations to existing recipes?

It’s the only way anyone is going to pay ongoing subscription. You think they’d be at the forefront of this technology. Just pop a disclaimer on there and they done.

As I mentioned earlier, I understand that I can get recipes from cookidoo. I just think being able to create and store my own recipes or even import user's recipes is a must, especially for a high-end machine like the TM5. Adding wifi to the Thermomix is a great first step, but I thought to allow users to store their own recipe was part of the cook-key. This is one of the main reason I actually purchase the key.

Hi bebetaz

Cookkey does connect with the Recipe Platform which is Cookidoo. All recipes uploaded to Cookidoo are tested by the country that uploads those recipes, meaning all the Australian recipes are tested by our Recipe Developers here in Australia.

Recipe Community is a seperate platform, where Thermomix Customers can upload recipes to share with each other and offer each other tips and trick that may be handy for other customers. While we do upload some recipes to Recipe Community (which are tested by our Recipe Developers), recipes that are uploaded by customers are not tested by our Reciep Developers.

Kind Regards

Thermomix Head Office

Hi All,
I was also under the (unfortunate) false impression that the cook key would allow me to add my own recipes to view directly on my TM5. If I have to carry a phone tablet or PC to the kitchen anyhow, what is the point of the cook key? Yes it does allow me to view the "triple tested" recipes from the developers, but let's be frank, most people find their own variation to published recipes.

The recipecommunity website is a great tool to view and share recipes, the only real thing that is missing is the link between the website and our TM5!

On the 02/09/2016, Thermomix Head Office mentioned in post #8 (

"Vorwerk have advised that they have begun testing the next step in innovation for the Thermomix TM5, the cook-key accessory. The cook-key will allow users to connect wirelessly to allow the Thermomix Recipe Platform to communicate with your Thermomix, so you may enjoy the benefits of Guided Cooking with your digital recipe collections."

Now the Cook-key is here,... Is this now possible? Do we need an update? Or should I just ask for a refund for my cook-key?
Thank you for your time and help.

I totally agree Smile I won't be purchasing the Cook Key subscription as most of our cooking in my thermie is now coming from the community. More options form the community & such a shame we cannot sync these to to the cook key. It is disappointing, but I am glad these post for my research has paid off!

Hi Chezza101 and Thermomix Australia

I totally agree, the 1500 receipes that can be synced with the cookkey is disappointing. As I already had purchased chips with over 681 recipes - a yearly subscription for the remaining 900 is not particularly inviting.

As a single person, shopping and menu planning is pretty much irrelevant and to be honest I have found the recipe community recipes just as good and have used more of these than are on any of the chips. In fact I could probably number less than a dozen that I cook from the chips on any kind of regular basis. In my recipe community collection I have over 400 recipes (not all cooked yet!). So I'm not sure that there is much benefit from the hyped up cook key.

Just honest feedback

Hi thermomix australia,
Whilst i applaud the cook key as a clever piece of marketing and a advanced piece of software technology, i feel thermomix has missed the boat!. I have to agree with ontheroadthermie i too was under the assumption that once the cook key was purchased that i would then be able to sync any recipe from the recipe community to my thermie. I love my thermie and I know you can't change what you have now released but going forward I know you are interested in your consumer viewpoints and hope you forward them onto your R & D department to include in the next advancement of this software. My viewpoint is open up the cook key technology to include the thermomix community recipes. Just a fyi whilst you have some great recipes in your 1500 recipies on the cookidoo website it doesn't cover a lot of what your users are wanting to see so at the moment I think it would be a waste to pay the subscription once my six months is up.

Hi OntheroadThermy,

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. Cookidoo is designed to provide you with a library of triple-tested Thermomix recipes, which have been coded to work with your Thermomix using Cook-Key. Recipe Community is a database for thousands of Thermomix users to share and create their own recipes and signature dishes.

With over 1500 recipes on Cookidoo, a menu planner, shopping list and the opportunity to create personalised playlists of the recipes available (plus access to all of the recipes in the Cookidoo global library), we hope you'll see the benefits of your Cook-Key.

Kind regards,
Thermomix Head Office

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Thermomix Head Office

Hello head office. Does this mean that the recipe community platform can't be synced with the cook key? If so, this is sooo disappointing. I have obviously purchased the cook key for no advantage. 😣 for those of us who aren't interested in the ongoing subscription, I have to wonder what the benefit of the cook key is to us if we can't sync our own recipes. Unfortunately I have made an uneducated purchase.

Hi lisakeyes

If by your own recipes, you mean your own recipes you have created you can't add these to Cookidoo or Cook-key. With both these systems you have access to the recipes but can't add your own.

You can add your own recipes to the Recipe Community for other people to view and make.

Kind Regards

Thermomix Head Office

Thermomix Head Office

How do you add your own recipes to the chip

No, you need to change the chip

if u purchase it - doesnt it go via wifi straight to your tm5? so u can start cooking using the screen?


Hi Missee29,


Please contact the Customer Service line on 1800 004 838 at your convenience or email


A representative will then be able to further assist you

Kind regards,

Thermomix Head Office

Hi guys,

i am trying to register my chips but it continues to say they are invaild. What do i do?


i am having the same problem, what is wrong?

Hi does anyone know if they are planning to expand the Thermomix platform to allow you to enter your own recipes. As someone previously said I really wanted to use the weekly planner and shopping list functions but this is hard to do if using your own recipe or one from the community site.

I'm new to all of this and really have no idea what I'm doing! haha! I have purchased a recipe collection on the recipe platform but, how can I print a recipe so that I can actually see it while cooking??!! I cant see any option to print the recipe and I cant take my computer to the kitchen!

Hi Nin close

Thankyou for you post

Please contact the Customer Service line on 1800 004 838 or

They will be able to answer your questions.

Kind Regards


Thermomix Head Office

Hi guys I have signed up for the new platform but when I add the numbers off my 2 chips it says they're invalid. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Obviously I have checked that I entered the right numbers and letters. TIA

For anyone to be able to save a recipe to a chip you would need to know how that information is stored in the memory of the chip. When the chip is connected to the thermie the thermie needs to know where to go looking, for example, where the duration and speed of a specific step are stored in the memory of the chip. It won't make much sense to anyone if you store the name of the recipe in the memory location of where the speed should go. It would return, for example, speed Sticky Date for 5 second. Not much use to anyone....

Now Thermomix have put a lot of R&D into developing the chip and rightly deserve to be able to make money from the sale of the chips. That is what keeps them in business. As a result of that they are not likely to divulge how they format their chips so you can store your own recipe onto one. So you will have to accept that a blank chip that you can load your own recipes onto is in all probability never going to eventuate. Aw

Yes I agree with you as well.It is very annoying ..I hope they can remove this ..


Hi Roswellies

Thank you for your post. You may need to check your browser on your IPad to see if it is using one of the below.

The My Thermomix currently supports the following browsers:

Chrome 20+

Firefox 4+

IE 10+

Safari 5+

If you are still having trouble please conctact our Customer Service team on 1800 004 0838 who will be able to answer any of your questions.

Kind Regards

Thermomix Head Office

Hello, I have registered for the recipe platform, but can not sign in. I click on the sign in button, enter my details and then just get a blank screen on my IPad. i leave it to see if something happens, but nothing does. I have cleared my cache and tried again, but same thing still happens. I am using my IPad.

I am quite saddened to find this isn't in place as I wanted to use to program for both my own and your recipes...makes it difficult to have a complete weekly schedule or a complete grocery list since I combine both throughout the week

Try this:

i had the same issue having deleted the links with the emails!

need to have a link from the thermomix website please!!

Hi Robbie S

When you registered your should have recieved a confirmation email from Customer Support containing an activation link. Clicking on this link will confirm your registration and take you to your profile page on My-Thermomix.

Kind regards


Thermomix Head Office

Hi Auds86

My-Thermomix is designed to provide you with recipes that have been developed and tested extensively by our Thermomix Recipes Development team. Although you are not able to add your own recipes to My-Thermomix, you can share your own creations here on our Recipe Community website. Here you will join thousands of other Thermomix users in sharing and creating new recipes and signature dishes.

Kind Regards

Thermomix Head Office

Hi...I registered for the platform, but have no idea how to get back to it.... cant find it. Thanks.

How do we add our own recipes? I cant seem to find where to do that.. Aw

Hi Mez74

Thanks for your feedback. The platform is currently experiencing an increase in traffic due to an email which was sent to customers and will be contributing to the longer loading times. We expect this to return to normal soon and will pass along your feedback to the developers.

Kind Regards

Thermomix Head Office

I've just joined the new Thermomix recipe platform and find the constant presence of the rotating blade icon in the middle of the screen intensely annoying. Is it supposed to be there all the time??? 

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