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Adding my voice. Diabetic cookbook would be great.

I have just owned my Thermomix since Janurary this year and loving it. But I agree with the about comment rearding a Diabetic Cookbook. Live would be even easier.

You are on the right track. I've been hovering in the "pre-diabetic" group for the past 3 years and on my gp's recommendation went low carb healthy fat for 3 months. My HBa1c results showed me back in the normal category with improved cholesterol. Go for it!

Go look at low carb high fat.  Yes it flies in the face of what doctors and nutrionists tell us, but we have been fed misinformation for 30+ years.  Over on reddit/r/keto there are heaps of success stories of people curing type 2 diabetes thru a low carb high fat diet.  Why there is 0 sugar.  

that would be a great book hope ones comes soon.

Diabetic Cookbook