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Hi all,

I made the pasta with tuna from the Every Day Cookbook last week. I agree with the other posts. The lemon flavour was very strong. I also found it to be too salty. If I made it again I would just put in two pinches of salt and no vegetable stock and probably just put in the juice of a lemon, rather than the zest. My husband and I had one serve each for one meal and rather than throw the rest away for the next evening meal I added another can of tomatoes and some green beans to dilute the salt and lemon. Adding a can of pineapple pieces as well would have counteracted the salt. The final result was ok but still very lemony. 

I disagree it is beautiful just as it is

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I too made this and my whole family was overpowered by the lemon zest, made the pasta bake very bitter. I would use only a small amount of zest as with a salad that called for the zest of an orange, totally ruined the flavour.

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I have made the Pasta with Tuna recipe from the Everyday Cookbook and found that the lemon zest was quite overpowering.  My husband and I ate 1 bowl of this and I threw the rest out - has anyone else found this to be the case?


Maybe dill might be a better option?