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😃I love porridge! I put a couple of walnuts, almonds, lineseeds, pepitas, and a knob of ginger - a second or 2 on 7. Then maybe an apple, or pear on 5 for 2. Add 40g oats, about 120 - 150g milk of choice, then top up with water to 240g. Add some cinnamon, and cardemon. Cook 90 [counterclock] on 2, fo 7 1/2 minutes (I shower while it cooks;)
Serve with yoghurt, berries, cinnamon, fresh peppermint leaves (better than mint), and a dab of molasses.
This is good for digestion, with the ginger, and the molasses improves the quality of the blood (TCM). The nuts add protein, and fat, making it more sustaining.

I usually soak the oats overnight to speed up the cooking time – oatmeal, particularly pinhead oatmeal, takes longer to cook than the ready-steamed, rolled flakes.  I also add toppings like crunch of demerara sugar, or the gooey sweetness of golden syrup. 

I used quick oats and it turned out just right, added a squirt of maple syrup for sweetner & flavour.


I also find plain porridge to be way too bland and needs sweetening - I usually sweeten with dates or banana through it, but sometimes sugar, just depends on my mood.  

I also find thermomix porridge can be a bit runny, so I too just use milk and no water, and reduce the liquid just a tiny bit.  

We just received our Thermomix a week ago and love it, but have not tried the porridge recipe yet.

I have been breakfasting on porridge for 20+ years - every day (unless on holidays - when I try for cooked meal like bacon and eggs :)).

I find making it with milk and adding sugar essential, but to relieve the "boredom", I always add some other form of cereal on top (after it is cooked) i.e. cornflakes, wheatbix, etc and sometimes some fruit - just about anything you like, it helps keeping it from being a bland and boring meal. Just lately I have been adding dried blueberries - from the start, which allows them time to do some "re-hydration". The dried blueberries are from costco and enormously cheaper than trying to buy them "fresh".


I haven't got my thermo as yet so didn't know if there was a porridge recipe in the book or not; I'll definitely be making this; porridge is quite filling.


My husband and I felt like porridge the other day and decided to try the TM recipe, however it turned out quite runny & tasteless.

The next time we decided to try this recipe we added a few new steps and ingredients such as 20g sugar, 2tsp vanilla essence and a good squeeze of honey. We also halved the mesurements and only used milk as the liquid (no water) We then blended it at the end to mix all the ingredients.

The final result was soft, sturdy (not runny) yummy sweeter porridge that we both really enjoyed. 

Aveline Adams