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Hi, we have some quick, cheap and tasty recipes on our blog, for example sandwich pastes or a granadír, a dish which is suitable for students, due to the fact it is really cheap and very easy to make. Our blog is in Polish and Slovak but we prepared an English version of the recipe of that dish. Just have a look:

If you are interested in other recipes too and you don't mind using non-English data, here you have a category with the rest of our recipes:

Hi guys,

I'm new to the forum and I've only recently purchased my TM5. I'm looking for recipes that are quick and easy for weekday dinners, as both my housemate and I have full time jobs, work overtime and have extracurricular activities that often leave little time for cooking. It's not uncommon for us to arrive home at 6:30 or 7 and not eat till 8-8:30 or later!

It would be great if these recipes could make enough to take for lunch the next day as well if possible.

We both enjoy pasta based recipes and meat based recipes such as the beef stroganoff and the mongolian lamb hot pot found in the thermomix basic cookbook.

If anyone could put me in the direction of some recipes, or perhaps recommend one of the thermomix cookbooks that would be fantastic!