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Hi Siobhan, how are you? Unfortunately I am not an expert in giving nutrition advice and as I am new to the Thermomix forum I dont have any knowledge to share regarding receipes but can share my experience as I diagnosed with PCOS 4 years ago.  Coming off the pill to start a family.

12mths later no period and extremely saddened our dream of starting a family was being delayed.

For me I found taking a wholesome approach to eatting a balance diet worked best. Trying not to enduldge in too many naughty foods.  Lots of fresh unprocessed foods.  My Daily exercise was also really important too.  I also found a very good accupuncturist whom i saw weekly, she put me on some herbal tablets to suit my hormonal deficiencies from a Chinese Medicine point of view.

If your open to it.. Google Traditional Chinese Medicine and PCOS.  Lots of info.   We now have 2 beautiful boys, both conceived with me doing regular accupuncture sessions before conception. 

Good luck. 

Hey all,

ive recently been diagnosed by my doctor with having PCOS (poly cyctic ovary syndrome).

me and my partner have been trying for a while to get pregnant and to no avail. Aw

i am interested if anyone had any ideas on what ingredients would be great and what is not so great to eat and if anyone has any recipes suited for pcos.

any advice would be really appreciated