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My scales have also just stopped working tonight. Safe to say I am devastated as was doing my Xmas cooing and now they are just not working my consultant no longer does thermomix so what am I supposed to do. I have two thermos the old and the new and have now reverted back to the old oneS. pls pls pls help 

Call customer service I had to call them about my scales ( my machine is 4 yrs old and used 1000's of times and it gets taken with us travelling ) and they were very friendly and helpful. Worst thing is I have to go without it while it gets sent away to get it fixed

Hi thermoclarkie

Someone from our Customer Service team has tried to contact you this morning with the details provided on the Recipe Community database however unfortunately they are unable to reach you.

Are you able to please contact Customer Service direct on 1800 004 838 or send an email direct with a contact number that we are able to contact you on?


Look forward to hearing from you soon in order to rectify your issue.

Wamr regards

Thermomix Head Office

Hi thermoclarkie

We are sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with the scales on your Thermomix.

We see you've cleaned the feet to ensure they are level. I have spoken to some members within our team and they have advised that the machines power cable needs to be completely extended (and not touched by anything) in order for the scales to not be affected and read the weight in the mixing bowl.

The measuring cup should weigh between 30-35 grams. In the interim if you like to set the machine up with no interferring factors and try to weigh the MC and see whether this works.


We have flagged your post with our Customer Service team. A member of the team will be in contact with you to discuss further.  Please bear with us in the meantime.

Warm regards

Thermomix Head Office

Have used my Thermomix around 15 times and now the scales are all over the place and won't tare. 

Have WASTED so many ingredients because it will change 3/4 of the way through adding ingredients.

$2000 for a machine that can't even weigh correctly! What a joke!!

i have ensured the feet are level and all trouble shooted. 

What a nightmare! Apparently customer service sucks so I'm hesitant to even call ??

any suggestions

Hey there!  I am annoyed that my chip is not working.  I've never touched the chip or have taken it off the machine so I'm bewildered that it says my chip is disconnected.  What do I do?  Really disappointed again.

Delsa Timu

I agree with you  about the customer service! My scales stopped working too and my TM5 is only 4 weeks old! It shouldn't happen to a machine costing $2k+!! I expected a replacement being my machine being nearly new but of course they won't do it! Service sucks!!!!! 

Hi Delsa,

I have passed your message onto our customer service team and a member from the department will be in contact with you directly to assist.

Kind regards,

Thermomix Head Office

My scales have stopped working.  What is the procedure to get these looked at and fixed?  I've let my consultant know and have sent an email to Thermomix NZ.  Still no adequate response after a week.  Very disappointed with the customer service.  I am now resorting to having a different set of scales to weigh things to cook in the thermomix TM5.  Didn't pay over $2000 for this to happen or to be ignored.