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So handy! Love it

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Absolutely a wonderful idea to turn vegetable scraps to compost in the garden. Thanks for sharing.

Wow this a great idea and hadn't thought of it!
I had been keeping my egg shells as I have been told that they are really good for cleaning the thermie bowl.
I also keep a lot of my scraps to turn into veggie stock paste.
Nothing goes to waste!

I do this all the time. Its like a green smoothie for the garden Smile

I include all fruit or vege scraps, egg shells and leftover herbs. I lovew that you can just dig it straight into the garden if you don't have a compost bin or worm farm.

Every now and then I even get a bonus Tomato or Capsicum pop up as thanks for my efforts

I do the same, also add in my eggshells.

Works AWESOME for the worm farm!!

What a great idea!  My 2 day old Thermomix will be put to work doing the same - preparing the food for my worm farm.  Healthy soil = healthy food = health you!  A good tip to get early on in the journey!  Thanks Linda. Smile

:cooking_6: Just love my new thermomix and a suggestion that I find useful.


I grow my own vegies and herbs and to keep my garden bed healthy I have been giving my scraps a quick thermo burst before burying them breaks down in the garden much quicker and is easier ro dispose of.