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Hi Poala

The recipe you are referring to is on the Basic Cook Book chip and it is the automated rice recipe. You need to go into Menu then automated recipes, then the rice recipe.

Please let us know if this is not the case.

Kind Regards

Thermomix Head Office

I had the same experience I went to make it again tonight and the recipe has disappeared What is happening

I made steamed rice using a bay leaf I have a chip on the side of my machine I cannot find that recipe now it’s not on the chip or in the book it’s disappeared How do I get the recipe back

it's one of the automated recipes as part of the basic cookbook chip

Hi Jen,

Is it the 'Boiled Rice' recipe on page 74?

Thermomix Head Office

Hi.  I bought the latest model Thermomix.  Twice I have cooked steamed rice with bay leaf and olive oil using the cook book chip that sits on the side of the machine.  For the life of me I cannot find this recipe again!! It's not even my most recent cooked dishes.  It's not in the cook book! It's not in the machine! It was and now i'ts disappeared.  Sometimes the cook book's names for recipes are not intuitive and totally illogical, so I have tried to search every single heading, to no avail.  I have resorted to the old rice cooker! I dont' want to use the boiled rice recipe, as this steamed rice was superb.  I just can't find the recipe!

Thanks, Jen Michie