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My Thermomix TM31 will not turn on, seems to be an issue with power. I have been using it all of last week and it was fine. Have checked power socket, other appliances work. Is there an easy fix?

I have same problem tm5 doesn't switch on.
I moved to a new house and used only once and then doesn't turn on anymore. I thought is because of outlets at first, but I tried hairdryer. Then tried all other outlets but no luck. I live in China and wanted to send tm5 to chinese office for checkup but they said they accept machines bought in China only, something about different requirements between chinese machines and European.
Thank you for responses

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Mine turns on but as soon as I attempt to do anything it turns back off again. This is about the 3rd problem I've had with my Thermomix since it went out of warranty. I've loved using it but I don't know if it's worth the trouble getting it fixed. My original consultant has left and the consultant that was assigned to me after my last issue has never gotten in contact with me. The main reason I bought my Thermomix was because I was told it would last and that the customer service was excellent - neither of which are true. Really disappointing.

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My TM31 also will not turn on - used it two days ago and was fine, have shifted to different powerpoint and nothing.  Was suppose to make pizza for footy night tonight Aw


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I am in the same boat, I am supposed to be making sweets for my boys team, and I am pretty good with my TM31.  It wont turn on, moved it to different power outlets and still no good.  I am gutted I cannot use this tonight or the weekend.  How did you go with trying to get it to go....

Hi there

I have had the same problem once and it was a simple fix. I had accidentally moved the speed dial slightly past the open lid position to the closed lid position which meant that the machine wouldn't switch on. Double check that next time.

I'm sure your consultant has sorted it by now Smile


Fiona Douglas (Consultant)

M: 0459 333359


Get in touch with your consultant. She/he can organize to have it returned for repairs for you. 


I have had my TM31 since Xmas (lovely gift from mum and dad) and it has been running perfectly... until today.  I needed to make more stock concentrate so I plugged it in and turned the outlet on.  TM turned on as per usual and then it turned off.  It now won't turn back on!!

I am always extra carful with it, follow all instructions and I can't work it out.  It's not the outlet as I checked my hairdryer in it.  I have also checked TM with other outlets just to be sure but nothing.  I do use it daily but it doesn't seem like that would be the problem.  I've tried googling but literally nothing is coming up!!  

Has anyone else experienced this before?  There doesn't seem to be anything about a reset switch (I thought there may have been one).  I am almost crying as I love my TM so much!  I know there is a 24 month warranty but I can't find any information about sending it to get fixed.  Can anyone help?  Or should I just wait until tomorrow and call?