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Hi everyone, I find that the good old chocolate ripple cake made with chocolate ripple biscuits sandwiched together with vanilla flavoured whipped cream and topped with chocolate curls is always a huge hit and is devoured first even if there is an array of sweets to choose from. I know it is not utilizing the thermomix although the cream could be whipped in it. Slice on angle for best presentation. Easily shaped into any number and preparation the day before gives you time to whip up other goodies on the day. Another amazing cake to try is the carrot and walnut cake with lemon cream cheese icing found on this website (the one with 500g of carrot) best made the day before as well. Happy birthday to your little ones Party

I am looking for an idea for birthday cakes on my baby's birthday. I am looking for an awesome idea which every body on that ocassion will really like it. Please share some suggestion about cakes. I am also looking for gifts on where i find awesome gifts.



I'm searching for the same thing. My daughter is 2 next Sunday and I'm wanting a great cupcake recipe too!! 

Hello all


I'm a newbie and wanting to make a 1st birthday cake for my little man turning 1 next Friday.  I want to make the perfect cupcake and then assemble them into the number 1 as I did for my little girl when she turned one pre-thermie.


Any suggestions for the best cupcake and icing/butter cream/frosting receipe?  There are so many I'm a bit daunted from the search results and hoping some lovely members will share their fail safe most loved receipes.


Thank you! Party