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My daughter and I will be running a stall at the school fete later this year and plan to make souvlaki wraps. We will make the pita dough for the wraps with the thermomix at the school with access to the canteen with helpers to roll out the dough and cook them on portable hot plates in front of the customers, ready to be filled and rolled in paper to keep them together. We will also make up the dressings of hummus tzatiki and aioli the day before. Will probably cut salad  ingredients by hand. In the past we have had 'death by chocolate' stall where along with other things we made chocolate pots topped with salted toffee chards which we made the day prior to the fete, but we did take along a fridge to keep them in. Needless to say they were very popular and sold out. We kept them quite small as they were very rich and served with sticks of puff pastry sprinkled with Demerara sugar to use as spoons. You could also make fruit or vegetable smoothies or frappes if you have access to power, possibly using a nut or rice milk. Hope this helps Smile

whta a great ideia. 

Hi Everyone,

I've been thinking about ways that I can use my TM to generate some funds at our local school fete.  I've heard of someone making a variety of dips and and there's the obvious jams and cakes that can be made.  Does anyone have any fresh ideas they can share?  Thanks

Rachel Verschuren