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Helpful, thanks everyone

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Hi, just wondering if you received a response to this? I am a new thermie owner myself and have accidentally doubled up and need to delete from meal planner!

Hi. I am a new Thermie owner. Can anyone tell me how to delete a meal from the weekly planner if I don't want to do that meal or if I accidentally doubled up. Don't like having two of the same meal on one day!! 

I am now a happy thermo customer and am also wondering if there is anyone out there with a sample menu plan for a week/fortnight.  TIA



I have started to plan meals around thermie, would be good if there was a progrma or app though

Hi just wondering if anyone has a computer program that is a weekly planner.  I recipe community shopping list is awesome but I would love to have the weekly planner on my ipad as well.


I do a weekly menu and a weekly shop.

I sit down Friday night or Saturday morning and plan my menu for the week, making a shopping list on my phone at the same time.  Other items such as sponges, tissues, etc i add to the list on my phone when I think of them, so they're there when I'm at the shops.

If during the week I see a recipe I want to try I'll add it into next week's menu (I also store this on my phone).

I get paid Thursday and do my shopping Saturday morning, so our week goes from Saturday to Friday.

If I don't feel like something on a particular night I can swap it with something else as I know I have all the ingredients (unless I need to defrost meat).  I usually have ingredients to make pasta & sauce in case I miscalculate or something doesn't work and we need a backup.

My mum does a monthly recipe list and a weekly shop, so each week she only needs to check if there was anything she can roll forward she didn't make (because eg. they went out for dinner), and compile her shopping list.

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Smile I am interested in meal plannig. I must admit I have never done it and thought my sister was a little obssesive when she used to do it years ago. Maybe i have matured?? Heaven forbid! I can now see the benefits as I hate the fact that we buy too much and definately throw too much out or if not i am on a contstant scramble to use up what is in the crisper. I can see how a plan would alleviate some of that stress. Do you have a particular format that you use?

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I weekly plan too. In the begining it took a little getting use to. However, gone are the days of stressing on the way home from work -  "What's for dinner tonight?". The upside also being that DH is able to see what is for dinner and start dinner before I get home. The down side is now I have to plan for vegetables for a stock concentrate as there is seldom enough leftovers to make a full batch, but I can live with that.

I plan weekly too - if I pick up specials (meat, etc) that don't fit into the plan, they go in the freezer for next week's plan.  I get veges from an organic co-op and plan around them too.  I like being able to know ahead of time what I'm cooking, instead of scrambling something together at the last minute!  Sometimes I change the order of the recipes, or change the dish a bit using the same ingredients, but I mostly stick to a plan, and it really helps!!!

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I plan weekly and then do my shopping from next weeks plan. I find that way I have less 'stuff' in the pantry that doesn't get used. I also love thinking 'now what's fro dinner tonight?' and just check the plan. I often swap things around according to the temperature for the day or if we have visitors.

An area, or pinned fortnightly thread? 

I'd love to see how others meal plan with their TMXs Smile

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