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i have actually started to work out the propoint values of recipes in the EDC using etools on the WW website. some dishes are working out to be quite propoint friendly.

for other recipes i have beeen substituting skim milk, low fat marg etc, also light evaporated coconut milk in curries etc.

i think making everything fresh and healthy is certainly also a good thing



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Why don't you try converting them?  Or perhaps upload them here in original form with NEEDS CONVERTING in the title?

I LOVE converting recipes, and I Need to because of our eating limitations.  Even the recipes in the EDC I need to convert to safe foods for us.  It's fun once you get the habit of it.

Not a day goes by I don't use my thermomix!

I agree!!!

I am doing the weigh it up diet. I love the recipes that we get every week. But I find that I do not use my TM as much any more. It would be  great if someone could convert healthy recipes for the TM.


Yes! I agree, it would be terrific to have a cookbook that catered for those who are weight conscious. I have noticed that a lot of recipes, like in the EDC have quite an amount of eggs, sugar, butter, etc. and while it is easy enough when you know the tricks to adjust to low fat, it would be great to have a dedicated cookbook.

My hubby lost weight on a well known healthy eating plan and the recipes are so flavourful and filling!   And the books have a weekly meal planner, shopping list, etc. The whole family love it. So I think it would be fantastic to have a thermomix cookbook that would encourage those who are watching their weight but still love to cook! Cooking  1

Could include these topics:·         Starters and light meals·         Vegetables and salads·         Seafood·         Chicken·         Meat·         Sandwich fillings·         Desserts·         Baking

I think it would be terrific if the cookbook could include whether the recipe is suitable to freeze; how many serves it makes and the dietary information.


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I would love to have a thermomix cookbook with weight watchers recipes - or at least with low fat recipes suitable for a weight loss diet.