Forum What are we all making for Christmas Day?

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Hi, I am new to TM. Actually hoping to get it this week! I have planned my menu out of festive flavours. Any tips for do ahead or timing what dish to cook when? Or is it the same for regular cooking?

Thanx. Ruth.

Sounds yummo!

I have only had my Thermie for a month so still finding my feet however for Christmas we will be having the following out of the Thermie:

- Herb and Pistachio dip

- Beetroot, Parmesan and Cashew dip

- Fruit and Nut Chocolate Fudge

- Red and Green Shortbread

and no doubt some strawberry daiquiri type drinks!

Oh think I might make some cupcakes too!

Everything else will be non thermie.

Have a lovely Christmas! Cooking 7

Have you got a plan for xmas day?

Whats on your table?

I'm thinking.......

Ponche De Creme (my daughters spent three months in Barbados and Trinadad and have been making this rum based egg nog which is to die for will post on community

Warm Brie and Basil dip (last years festive book)

Artichoke dip (from gluten free book but i add jalepeno chillies to mine)

Beetroot,carrot ,fetta salad with pomegranate mollasess dressing (on the community) have heaps of beetroot in my garden begging to be picked (be patient my pretties) Smile

Migas (got this delicious Kale salad recipe from my last years present "Food Safari Cookbook it is portuguese and i have so much kale in my garden this a great way to use it up. will post to community

Carrot and pineapple in jelly salad (my mums traditional christmas salad)

Warm chicken and potato salad with sun dried tomato dressing

apricot stuffing (festive book, already done and in freezer)

ciabbatta bread (my recipe, on community)

little steamed christmas puds (festive book, already made and in freezer)

brandy cream sauce (festive book)

Fruit Trifle (of course what s christmas with out trifle yummmmm) i like tinned peaches and lemon custard with port wine jelly,  berrie coulis and crushed nuts on the top

and lots of Mango Belini's

Of course we have the Turkey and shoulder of pork (to be cooked in the weber) and a beautiful free range nitrate free ham.

better throw some gravy in there as well.

how did i ever manage without my Thermomix? SmileSmileSmileCooking 7Party