Forum What are you making for breakfast?

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Egg sandwich with a glass of beautiful smoothie

I prefer toast. My partner and kids also loves it. I also have a juice along with it.

I've just been told I'm pre-diabetic and need to watch my diet carefully. Breakfast is my biggest challenge. Any suggestions?


etsa wrote:

I usually have a toast, easy to make .  :D

OMG..........It makes toast as well.........

Well I never..........


I usually have a toast, easy to make .  :D

I started with chocolate cake and a cup of coffee. Sometimes I drink Black coffee but I loved to drink white creamy coffee with a delicious chocolate cake.

I haven't been too good at having breakfast for a while now, prefering a sleep-in; this is not good I know. But the thermo will take less time and perhaps I can start to make smoothies and take them with me as I travel into work.

And there have been other great healthy suggestions in other threads that I can't wait to try.

My thermo can't arrive quick enough. Smile


New owner and i made scones  this morning so light and fluffy


Hubby made pikelets today all by himself was great seeing him use the thermomix and enjoy it.


G'day The Strawberry jam...sugarless came out GREAT!


Made sugarless English muffins...FANTASTIC!!!




Onto the next thing to do!Cheers! Joanne SmileSmile

G'day! I have Strawberry sugarless jam in the machine as we speak re DAY 1English muffins...sugarless tomorrow and omelette with sauteed veggies


Everyday bread


Am excited for a newbie Smile


Cheers! Joanne

Hi everyone!

We’d love to hear what’s on your breakfast menu.

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