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Hi Casper1963

You substitute the same amount of flour for the same amount of wheat grains. For the recipe you are looking at (Rustic Bread) that would mean 600g wheat grains = 600 g bakers flour. Please note that you will ahae a different outcome if you are not using the grains.

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Hi there I can’t find the answer to the question relating to the wheat flour and found Fiona’s answer a little confusing. Page 216 of the basic book uses 600g wheat grains and 150g bakers flour so do I use 750g bakers flour? Is that what you were advised?

[counterclock] Hi Fiona, When you say replace the wheat grain with whatever flour your are using, do you mean add an extra 100g of bakers flour or a different type of flour?

Thanks ladies, was wondering the same myself!

So can I use plain flour, baking flour or self raising flour instead of wheat grain since I don't have any ?

Could I use oatbran as a replacement

Hi R2D2


Wheat grain is whole wheat that we then mill into flour with the TM.  If you don't have it, simply replace it with the same amount (100 g) of whatever flour you are using.


If you want to buy some, most bulk food stores, some health food stores or they are even shops like All about Bread or Rising in the Yeast (in Perth) that have some great varieties to choose from.


Hope that helps, Fiona

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Wanted to make the  Basic Bread in the EDC but what is wheat grain and where do I get it from?