Forum What to serve for dessert for another thermo owner!

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Did it work?

I just made the magic bean chocolate cake and its amazing!! I used cannellini beans as i didnt have kidney- its yummo! i just put some simple chocolate icing on top butI read that if its cold its like a mud cake or you can heat it and have icecream and berry coulis.

Hi again, I ended up making the 'Baked' Chocolate Cheesecake, using the varoma to steam cook the cake.  I replaced the chocolate with Toblerone.  It's in the fridge cooling at the moment.  Hope it works out when I take it for dessert tonight!

I have exactly the same dilemma!

I'd love to hear other suggestions too.

If all else fails, I think I'll bake some brownies. There are so many recipes on here that I'm sure to find something a bit different that both kids & adults will love.

Good luck, let me know what you end up making!

The stakes are high!!!

Going to our friends house tomorrow night for dinner and I said the old customary " I'll bring dessert"!

Her and I bought our Thermies together about 4 months ago and we looooove them. But the pressure is on to whip up something super fantastic....something that will wow the crowd.....something that all adults and kiddies will love!  HELP