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Last time i made yoghurt i decided to experiement a little. I used a coconut started and added a little coconut flavoure oil, and replaced the milk powder with coconut milk powder. OMG it was amazing. Once the yoghurt was set i had to remove the very top layer off the yoghurt as the cocnut cream had settled but otherwise totally yummy.

HI Chris, just letting you know that all three yoghurts turned out well. I pulled them out at 7am so they had been there for 9 - 10 hours. I used my own starter from previous batch of yoghurt. Before I went to bed, I 1/2 filled thermoserver with more hot water, and didn't disturb yoghurt containers too much. I suspect that yoghurt doesn't set well if temp. is too low. You can keep adding hot water to thermserver to keep temperature up. I have bought an oval thermoserver which may be of use as a water bath too. Haven't received it yet. Regards Anne

Dear Chris, I have never tried the thermoserver I always use my easy yo canister. I have a batch of milk cooling at the moment - here's what I will do for you.

I have two small yo mix containers probably around 200 ml each. I will sterilise both with boiling water and I will put hot water (not boiling) into the thermoserver, probably half fill it. I'll put my yoghurt in these and let them sit until tomorrow morning. The rest I will put in my 1 litre yo mix canister as usual. I have a round pyrex bowl in the freezer at the moment which fits into the thermoserver. It would have been better to use that. I'll let you know how it turns out. I don't think I would put yoghurt dircetly into the thermoserver. Others may not agree. Kind Regards Anne Smile


I did try making the yoghurt, twice, without much luck ...did everything the book said but I think the problem was trying to keep the yoghurt at the right temp in the thermoserver. Used a good yoghurt starter from the health food shop, I left it overnight  but it was just too slimy. Any suggestions Aw



Karlie: I made the yoghurt, it turned out really well. You must let the 37oC light go out first before you add the yoghurt. I haven't tried the home brand type milk and my yoghurt starter is beteen 3 & 7 days old. Regards Anne

OK, not sure about the milk. I have been using heart health milk in the green 1 litre packet. I haven't tried to make more yoghurt yet from last batch but will do and post results - regards Anne

I have often used flavoured yoghurt if that's all I had in the fridge - the flavour gradually disappears after a few batches anyway - and as we don't usually eat yoghurt by itself who's to complain?  Wink

However my yoghurt has been getting runnier.  I bought a top quality yoghurt with no gelatine in it last time for my starter - I've just had two batches from it and it's very very runny.  Exact same recipe I've always used, and milk.

But maybe do you think it's because I always get the cheapest milk?

Or did I leave it too long between batches (couple of weeks, but still smelt and tasted fine)??

Thanks Anne i will let my customers know Smile

Yesterday I bought some starter to make yoghurt. I followed all instructions in EDC, making sure temperature had fallen below 37oC before adding starter culture. When I opened the lid of the starter it smelled sweet - I had inadvertently bought vanilla yoghurt. What to do? Rather than waste the milk I used it and continued making yoghurt. Not convinced it would work. After 9 hours I had perfectly set yoghurt with a slighty sweet vanilla smell! Tastes fantastic. The brand of the yoghurt is Biodymamic Organic vanilla yoghurt. This tells me the most important thing in yoghurt making is to buy the best starter available, follow the EDC instructions and you will have perfect yoghurt. Also I increased the stirring speed and the buildup on the bottom of the jug wasn't so bad.