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what a beatiful yogurt it is:


Strawberry yogurt think Twilight snow

I used strawberry yogurt homemade yogurt and sour and sweet strawberries to make this the United States and the United States think of Twilight snow, my several children to cook for dessert, fruit and rich in protein, no longer have to worry about my baby nutrition!


I can't thank you enough! I will let you know how it goes Smile


Hi Sarjay1,

I found a recipe for Soy Yoghurt here.

Johnny wrote:


I would like to make Soy Yoghurt.  Can someone please tell me the recipe.  Becasue the basic cookbook involves dairy yoghurt, full cream milk and milk powder.  What ingredients and how do I make soy yoghurt.  

Does anyone have a response to Johnny? My toddler can only have Soy and I would appreciate a response to this. 

Also is there are modification to the recipe for Full Fat Yoghurt? I have never eaten it as is makes me feel sick and would appreciate a modification for this too. Unfortunately the EDC is very limited in this respect 

Hi John


I second the Shortcut easy yoghurt - SO SO much easier and faster than the EDC and other recipes. The long life milk avoids all the heating and cooling carry on and the result is tangy thick creamy yoghurt with ZIP effort Smile


Oh...and no burnt bottom!

A million thanks to kmcquibbon!


Hello there,


Can you please share how to clean the bowl when milk burns on the bottom of the bowl? Yes, I was making yogurth....






lloydzone wrote:

Hi, I have the same problem with the milk burning on the bottom of the of the TM , would also like to know how to prevent this. ( happens when I cook rice pudding as well- its a pain to clean!) Aw


The recipe is in our Everyday Cookbook

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runny culture

Can someone please tell me the recipe ?

I need that....

I've made it several times with a runny culture successfully.

if the culture is runny to begin with, will this affect the yoghurt? :~:~

Miss Jane

Hi everyone, have you watched our video on YouTube to get some top tips for making yoghurt?

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I try to make yogurt last night but it's look like very small-small pices of yougert in boul and rest are just transperent liquid need help.




Hi There Anyone had success with making goat's yogurt? mine too runny, even with a thickern and culture. Today my milk yogurt so stringy? Any help?

I have tried multiple yoghurt recipes and never had success until yesterday! The recipe in the updated EDC works!! 

To all Thermomix owners - the secret to easy reliable yoghurt is the "Shortcut Easy Yoghurt" recipe on this recipe community.


The vanilla version is yummy for a sweeter version.



John Clark

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Making yogurt is a fairly simple process, but occasionally problems do arise.When ever I make a yougurt it never comes properly..Something would be missing like taste,color,texture and so on.

I have a document on my facebook page - ThermoFun.  It is based on the EDC recipe (first EDC book) but with step by step easy to follow instructions (unlike the recipe in the book!!).  Many people on my page have made yoghurt successfully (for the first time) as a result of following my document.  I can't seem to attach the document here - but you will find it on my page.  You need to be on a computer (not phone) to access the DOCS tab on my page.  For those of you that say you get the burnt mark on the bottom of your bowl - instead of using speed 1 - use speed 3 - then you will have NO burnt mark at all!  Smile

Hi annebarnes

Well my next lot of yogurt was fine.  Left it overnight and was a beautiful texture with no whey.  I used honey and vanilla in this batch and it tastes yummy, still using it after two weeks.  

Warming the milk to 80-90 degrees causes the denature albumin protein in the milk if you go too hot you will get the ricotta cheese texture.

Hi Helensut.  I have only made yogurt twice now.  The first time it was left to set in my Easiyo container, hubby prepared the "thermos" water and we didn't put boiling water in, just as hot as we could stand when putting finger in.  Worked beautifully, however there was a tiny (few tablespoons) bit of whey, which I believe is a sign of wrong incubation temp.  So next time I set in the Thermoserver, however didn't wrap it in a towel and it was runny, but not too runny.  It set further when in fridge, however not as good as first attempt.

My conclusion, use Easiyo thermos style container, but have temp a bit cooler, I think very very warm, like washing up water temp.  Will make some more this weekend and let you know.  

Regarding sterilizing, I just washed well with really hot soapy water.  Make sure you take blades out to clean so you can get any leftover food residue from underneath the blades.


Good luck with it.

Yogurt making is a simple and straight forward process. Heat the milk a little boiling in low heat, cool the milk to the temperature at which yoghurt cultures (about 110 degrees F), mix plain yogurt with the milk, and let the mixture sit in warm place and rest for several hours. Then you can enjoy the miraculous moment when you see you've done the yogurt. All you need is to stay cautious on the temperature of the entire process of yogurt making. Here I have listed some interesting recipes to make your yogurt taste better.

<a href="">case colombia</a>

Thanks for this post MontoMum it has answered the one problem I had with yoghurt - remnants on the bottom of the jug. It was always so difficult to remove. Speed 3 eliminates this nuisance, it's a pity it's taken until now to receive this info.

In terms of your yoghurt and the amount of whey, I leave mine for up to 8hrs and never have any residual whey. I use the easy yo container and hot water but not boiling with no problems. Why don't you try leaving your yoghurt a couple of more hours? Also, I am not sure what affect the honey may have on the amount of whey. I would be interested to know the result of you leaving it for longer, even with the honey in it. I have been using my own starter for ages now and it justs keeps on working. Of course I started with the best possible yoghurt in the beginning. Regards Anne Smile

Wow, made the yoghurt yesterday arvo and it turned out perfectly.  EDC has increased speed judging by the posts above (speed 3 recommended) no burnt spots or even remnants on base.  I added a couple of tablespoons of honey at the end of the 90 degree heating process.  Also used the Jalna pot set yoghurt.  Was set nice and firm after 4 or 5 hours.  Had a bit of whey water, however I think that's from using my Easiyo thermos device with too high a temperature (about 60 degrees).  Will put Easiyo temp at 50 or maybe 40 next time and see how we go.

I think the Jalna pot set yoghurt was the key.  Yoghurt tastes just like the Jalna brand. Woot woot.

Yogurt is a dairy product (soy milk, nut milks, such as almond milk, and coconut milk can also be used) produced by bacterial fermentation of milk. Just make sure to have all the ingredients and make sure you follow the steps to achieve the perfect output. <a href="">helsebutikker</a>

I make my yogurt using lactose free milk and a starter called Natren from a health shop.  After heating the milk to 90 degrees, you must make sure that the milk has cooled down to 37 degrees C.  If the milk is too warm, it will kill the culture and the result will be runny yogurt......which can be great as drinking yogurt or in a smoothie. Try adding a bit more starter to your cooled milk for a thicker yogurt. My yogurt maker is an Esky into which I put an old wheat bag that has been heated in the microwave for 3 minutes! I leave the yogurt for 8 hours to set. I used to have a problem with the milk sticking to the bottom of the TM bowl, but since increasing the speed to almost 2, there is no sticking.

I try yoghurt today

I've been making yoghurt for about six months. I have never had it runny. I have always used low fat milk, the green pkt heart health milk and full cream milk powder and now I use skim milk powder. The yoghurt starter I use is bio dynamic organic fat free yoghurt. I make it in a cleaned 1 litre glass jar and put it in my yo-mix container. (It was difficult to find a glass jar big enough that would also fit the yo-mix container) I use hot water (not boiling) in the yo-mix container and leave it undisturbed for at least 8 hours. I don't use boiling water because the yoghurt mix is already at 37oC. When you mix yo-mix you use cold water. I have a friend who makes it in the yo-mix canister but I prefer glass. T/X yoghurt is the best yoghurt I have tasted. I too, am annoyed about the burn marks on the bottom of the jug and they are difficult to remove! PS I follow the EDC instructions re time and 90oC. I also make sure the milk temp goes below the 37oC light before I add the yoghurt, just in case the milk is too hot. Never had problems.


my yoghurt is also a bit runny but I strain it thru cheesecloth or similar for half hour or more depending on how thick you want it. It becomes thick and creamy like a good Greek yoghurt. Now just have to find a use for the whey  that's strained off!

RachMichGriff....thats a fantastic idea, i'm on my first attempt which has come out a little watery but will see if it thickens once chilled, if not, frozen yogurt for dessert!


I experienced the same thing at the start of winter. Previously I was letting it sit in the Termoserver on my bench overnight and that was fine. In this colder weather, I have had to put it in a warmed oven (I don't use the thermoserver anymore, I pour it directly into some old yoghurt containers). I do this during the day so that every 2 hours or so I can flick the oven on low (50 degrees) for about 20 minutes to get the temp back up to help it! Incidentally, the two times my yoghurt did fail, I froze it then added strawberry jam and whipped it up in the TMX and had it for frozen yoghurt!

I find to stop things catching in TM bowl always use a bit faster speed so for egwhen it says speed 1 use 1.5, if it says speed 2 use 2.5 see if this helps


What temperature do you do your yoghurt?  The EDC says 90 degrees but one of the recipes on this like (Vanilla Yoghurt) which I loves cooks it at 80 degrees.  Not sure if that would make a difference... I always do my yoghurt at 80 dgrees now and it turns out fine.  Don't have a problem with the milk burning.


Yeah, other stuff does burn tho' StareWink

What temperature do you do your yoghurt?  The EDC says 90 degrees but one of the recipes on this like (Vanilla Yoghurt) which I loves cooks it at 80 degrees.  Not sure if that would make a difference... I always do my yoghurt at 80 dgrees now and it turns out fine.  Don't have a problem with the milk burning.


I make soy yoghurt I initially  tried using a soy yoghurt from the supermarket as a starter but it did not agree with me.  (I have many alergies and the soy yoghurt you buy is full of horrible stuff - probably healthier to eat the tub that holds it).

For both dairy and soy yoghurts ( I make both - the rest of the family eat diary) I purchase my cultures on line and keep them in the freezer.  Google 'greenliving', sorry I dont have their exact address with me now.  They also send you out directions, I use both the TM and easy yo to make my yoghurt, however I havent been able to get my soy yoghurt to the consistancy I get the dairy yoghurt to yet, but am still trying.

Hope this helps

Michelle Smile




I would like to make Soy Yoghurt.  Can someone please tell me the recipe.  Becasue the basic cookbook involves dairy yoghurt, full cream milk and milk powder.  What ingredients and how do I make soy yoghurt.  Also it seems the 'starter' yoghurt is important - so even if we have to start with a dairy yoghurt we can live with that (rather than having failed yoghurt) - so also, which is the best 'starter' yoghurt -dairy brand (unless there is a good soy one)?

Thank you

Had a demo today and the demonstrater said to start with a good quality yoghurt for your first batch such as jalna as the culture is stronger then rinse out your thermomix server in very hot water and put the yoghurt in this to set overnight 

I make yoghurt all the time. I always place vinegar and water in the thermomix first and clean - varoma temp so it boils for a couple of minutes, then rinse  thoroughly with water before adding milk as per the everday cookbook recipie.  I find that this is key to prevent runny yoghurt. I set mine in an easi-yo flask, but have also had success in the thermo server wrapped in a towel.

I have made yogurt about 7 or 8 times and I've never had it runny, I can't think why unless it is the culture?

I set mine in the easy yo container also. I use boiling water always, in fact I pre heat it with boiling water then put in a second lot.

My brother who always does a lot of reseach on food and things tells me, I have tested this theory, that the longer you let your yogurt set the more bitter the taste! I leave mine for 6hrs and if I leave it for 8 there is a big difference in flavor!

I have no idea why you first heat the milk.

Oh FYI said brother also sets his in an esky with a light bulb! My Mum (when she did it years ago) set it in an esky with a hot water bottle!

Alas mine also sticks to the bottom Aw

Glad I read the comments above as I'm going to try making yoghurt today. Smile

Ro Ryan

Hi, I have the same problem with the milk burning on the bottom of the of the TM , would also like to know how to prevent this. ( happens when I cook rice pudding as well- its a pain to clean!) Aw


Hi, I often make the yoghurt I always use low fat milk and skim milk powder, it always sets but I leave it in the easy yo yoghurt maker for at least 14 hours. Whenever I add the water to the yoghurt maker it is always boiling. I do have a problem with the milk burning on the bottom of the thermo mix which is a pain and I'm not sure what to do to stop this 

hope this helps 



I am having problems with runny yoghurt.  Am going to try setting it in yoghurt maker, should I fill it with boiling water or will this be too hot - has anyone had experience with this?

Also why do you have to heat milk as first step if the milk is already pasteurized? Smile


Hi Dianneb

A couple of things to consider, you should always use full cream milk you need the fat content, you may need to leave it longer in the yoghurt maker to set  try 12 hours you can leave them up to 24 hours, it will also go thicker once it has been in the fridge. Contaminated cultures can cause a problem, thats why the recommend you sterilise the containers, (I however have never steralised any of my containers) so can not say if that will make a major difference. Also try adding 4-5 tbls of pot set yoghurt this will add a little more culture.

Let me know how you go regards Kristyn


Two times I made wonderful yogurt from the basic cookbook.  Now - the last three times I tried I've had a liquid result.

Very demoralising!  I've read and researched a bit and have kept trying but can't work out what the problem is.

Wish I could resolve it because I really like making my own yogurt in my Thermomix!

Thanks for any ideas/help...